Lighting suggestions anyone?

mpmg46March 8, 2013

Cross posting...

We completed (ok, almost completed, since we still don't have lights over the bar!) our kitchen reno last spring.
I can't decide what type or how many lights to hang over the bar section of the island. I like casual/traditional sort of look I guess. I don't want to spend thousands (ok, not even high hundreds on lights), but I know they will be a few hundred at least. I like the look of some, but b/c the kid do their homework here, they need to be task oriented, as well as something pretty. :)

Any suggestions?
The island is 90 inches in length (seating area) and 69 in width.

Thanks so much!

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In the picture, I see 7 recessed lights. Are some of those being converted to pendants?

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No, they are staying. We rearranged the kitchen on a minimal budget, so the 7th light is from where the sink used to be. We left them they way they are b/c I didn't want to tear up the whole ceiling right now. Where I am looking to put lights would be closer to where the 4 bar stools are. We have the electric up there already b/c of the previous layout of the kitchen, so it's really just a matter of what style of light would work with the style of kitchen that we have.

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Got it. Can you post a picture of the adjacent dining room and its light(assuming it is a keeper). Since the fixtures in the two spaces will be visible at the same time they should be complimentary. If they are fixtures in any other adjacent spaces, post them as well.
Lots of people on GW love a lighting quest, the more info you provide the better we can be at sleuthing!

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The light in the morning room is hideous! It's a white fan with light kit that is 8 years old. I'd like to replace that as well, but it probably won't happen right away. Good point though! Thanks for thinking of that! One more reason why GW is an amazingly helpful community!

I will post a picture of the MR, but probably not over the wknd, as we have kiddo bday parties, etc. Thanks again!

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