leak problem with threaded connections

homeboundJune 5, 2012

In a shower rough-in, I'm testing and getting drips at some threaded connections that I can't seem to solve.

I'm using 3/4 CPVC male adaptors into the volume control valves (Rohl), along with Rectorseal T plus 2 (I also tried 4 or 5 wraps of teflon tape). I've tried both the fully CPVC ones, and the ones that are brass/cpvc combo. I am cranking them in there nice and tight with two wrenches, then gluing it all together...and wham...another @$#% drip. Any idea what I'm doing wrong here? Thanks much.

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Your putting the thread adapters in "Nice & tight" but not nice & tight enough...LOL.

Crank them ondown a bit more....when MIP thread fitting is made up correctly there should be no more than 1 thread still visible.

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Thanks for the advice.

BTW, this last time I really cranked them...almost to the point I was afraid I might crack the valve. I'm going over to water test today - hopefully finally got it.

Also, there are a total of 8 of these connections in this bathroom. First, 3 were leaking, then 1, so maybe I'm ok. But should I disassemble the other 5 and crank them down just in case? The others were holding, but I don't want a bad surprise two weeks later.

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Wow, didn't realize threaded connections were that difficult.

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"Wow, didn't realize threaded connections were that difficult."

They are not with the correct pipe dope and decent size wrenches.

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Brickeye,,,you are absolutely correct,,"They are not with the correct pipe dope and decent size wrenches."

The problem is, most homeowners & DIY'ers have never seen descent size pipe wrenches. Most of them are struggling along with 14", 16" & maybe 18" el cheapo wrenches made in China when in fact, for working 3/4" pipe they should be using an 18" to steady the pipe and another 18" or 24" to turn the fitting or vice versa.

I love to see ppls reaction when we are tearing out old 4" and we resort to the 48" or 60" pipe wrenches. Most ppl have never seen a pipe wrench that is 5ft long and they surely would not want to see the price tag... 60"iron frame is $315 and a 48" aluminum frame is $347.

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I have used my pair of 60 inch Stillson brand just enough times over the years in renovation work to be glad I inherited them from my Grandfather.

They are steel and are indeed a real handful.

I even have spare jaws.

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