Water softener programming

311HemiJune 12, 2013

Hi there, first time poster here but long time viewer.

I just built a new home and just got the water softener installed along with a inline filter.

Aqua-pure CWS150ME, which has fine mesh resin.
Aqua-pure AP-801 filtration system

I have 4 people in the house, two adults and a baby and toddler.

Hardness = 10
Iron = 3.6
pH = 7.5
TDS 190 (145 on a different test)
Tannin = .6 (no tannin removal as of yet, I know the tannin could foul the resin)

I turned on the Clack WS-1 valve and programmed as the instructions said. I programmed the hardness at 24 and set the day override at 5 days. Factory setting are at 9 lb salt dose which is listed at 32000 grains.

I am curious if I should be setting the day override due to the iron levels, and if I should go into the deeper levels of programming of the valve to change salt dosing or anything. Anything else I should consider?

I have never had a softener before, so not exactly sure what I am doing. I did add super iron out to the salt tank per the label, and using Morton system saver II salt.

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