Lascatx or other Whitehaus Metrohaus owners

Angie_DIYMarch 26, 2012

I ordered a Whitehaus Metrohaus faucet (WHUS59L1):

I am anxious to start my installation, even though I don't have it in hand yet. I would like to know how far rearward the lever can extend. That is, I don't want the handle to hit the backsplash, so I need to know how far from the backsplash I should drill the hole for the faucet. That number is not specified on their spec sheet (

Could a Metrohaus owner please measure that distance and let me know? (I am trying to install my DW, and want the airgap to line up with the faucet.) Thanks in advance!

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Ah, the million dollar question! I wish I could tell you how many hours I spent trying to figure out if I could use this faucet with the sink DH wanted (KWC Matterhorn -- a BIG one LOL). We just made it work, in part by switching the wood window sill for a marble one that matches our counter and is flush with the backsplash tile. I will go measure.....

Looks like I have 2-3/4" from the surface of the backsplash to the center of the handle and 4" to the front of the faucet base. Is that enough info for you?

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You are a gem! Thanks for taking the time and trouble to measure it for me. Yes, that is sufficient info. AND, mine will work out fine. It looks like I will have about an inch to spare. Thank you thank you thank you!

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Lascatx: sorry, I do have another question. Can you tell me how big the base of the faucet is where it meets the countertop? The diagrams makes it seem like about 2.5", which strikes me as pretty large. If true, I will have to back the hole up a little from what I planned.

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Sure. It's hard to be exact with the faucet already installed, but it is definitely more than 2-1/4" and I'd say 2-3/8 to 2-1/2" so since you have an inch to spare behind it, you might want to back it up a little and be safe.

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Thank you again. I am such an idiot -- I just realized that you indirectly supplied that information the first time. If it is 2.75" to the middle, and 4" to the front, then of course it is (4-2.75)*2=2.5" diameter. Sheesh.
Again, thank you. This saves me a day of waiting -- a very important day, as it happens. (Hoping to get final plumbing inspection done before I have to leave for 2 mos.!)

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That's okay -- better to double check. I found this faucet on this forum and love it. Hope you will too. :)

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Lascatx: I thought you deserved to see the result! Here it is working well:

And for those of you keeping score at home, the base is 2-3/8".

I installed the garbage disposal on Sunday, the dishwasher on Monday, and (with thanks to lascatx) the faucet on Tuesday. As a result, I managed to get the final plumbing inspection lined up for tomorrow! Yay!

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Congratulations! It looks great, and I love your soapstone with runnels. If you haven't had a large single bowl sink like that, I think you'll really love it. DH wasn't sure about it, but he wouldn't go back now either. Hope the inspection goes smoothly and you enjoy the kitchen.

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this is looking beautiful so far, i couldn't sleep and found your runnels :-)

now i have to see if you've posted more pictures lately, will further feed the insomnia

real thing is better than sketchup, n'est-ce pas?

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Congratulations, Angie, you're just moving right along! As a fellow DIYer, can you see my green eyes?

It looks great!

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Detroit! So good to hear from you! Oui, mon amie. Il est meilleur, bien sur! Thanks for remembering me and checking in.

Well, more pix? I suppose it is okay to highjack one's own thread. Did you see the DIY soapstone countertops thread? (

Going back a little farther, I posted a thread with progress pix. (Linked below, and here:

And here is one from the appliances forum (

I will spare you: here is the money shot:

I put in cabinet doors and drawers today. I can't post pix of those before the big reveal! (Unfortunately, I will be going on a work assignment for 2 mos. starting Sunday. I was so close to finishing, but it will have to wait. I am very happy though.)

Hi, Susie. I don't know your project, I must confess. Do you have a thread to point me to? I am not sure that I am "moving right along." I am on month 10 already! But, yes, DIY goes slowly, no? I am sure it will be worth it for you in the end. Best of luck.

Here is a link that might be useful: Progress

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Beautiful work, Angie!! Great job, good luck with the plumbing inspection, and good luck "on location."

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Mabel: You are so sweet. Many thanks for your good wishes. At least I will have two months to figure out my hardware!! On a side note, I am really curious what my level of TKO will be while I am away, as the kitchen will be tantalizingly close to done, but not quite done. Hmm, we'll see, won't we?

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Susied3: It bugged me while I was sleeping that I could not place your project. A little googling filled me in. (I think "susie" was too common a name for me to reserve a fixed place in my memory hole!) Anyway, I now recall what you are dealing with, and I must admit I didn't recognize it was DIY before. So, keep up the good fight! I know that you will prevail -- I can just tell.

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Thanks Angie, we are a LOT farther back than you! Like two years? LOL
We have all the *guts* done now, lighting, gas ran, (we had all electric so it was a new gas run) DH dug the trench for the island sink, and set plumbing and electrical, my big hangup is the indecisiveness of the layout. DH is about to "go it on his own" (as he says it) because I'm scaaared.
Yours is fantastic, I've saved all your soapstone tips, it's going to come in handy here before long! HOPEFULLY
Will you have a computer to hang out on during your 2 month hiatus? I'm sure you'll keep up on your TKO skills if you do! I had to keep checking in to see how everyone was doing even when out of town with my twin grandbabies being born! TKO is like a drug, what will occupy our time once it's all said and done?
Take pics as your walking out the door!

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