Cold Laser Therapy for Cats?

joycedcSeptember 13, 2011

Hi. My 15 year old Scottish Fold has severe arthritis which is being treated with a couple of medications. My vet is suggesting adding cold laser therapy to the regimen. Do any of you have experience with cold laser therapy?

Here is a picture of my Maggie.



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I've never heard of it but would love to hear a practicing veterinarian weigh in.

I responded to say Maggie is a lovely red tabby!

Trotting off to google cold laser therapy.

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maggie looks like a lovely girl. :)

i discussed cold laser therapy for my senior dane girl with her new vet. the problem was that it would involve 3 trips per week (1 hour one way) and then she would have to have maintenance treatments. the vet did not think it would be of much help to ashley because the arthritis had progressed so far. also, because she had arthritis in so many places, each treatment would last probably an hour or more.

the way i understand it, the laser is directed at EACH spot where arthritis is suspected. it might be worth a try. good luck!

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Thanks for the responses. Maggie is the sweetest cat (as is her brother, Owen).

ninapearl: I was told it would be 3 times a week for 1 week, then 2 times a week for the next week, then once a week for 1 week, then as needed. Apparently there is a cumulative effect. The thinking is this therapy might allow us to reduce the amount of drugs she is receiving. She is fortunately responding well to the drug therapy. I don't know yet about targeting each spot. That would be difficult for Maggie as the xrays I have seen show arthritis in both knees and along her spine.


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I had cold laser therapy on myself for joint pain and it didn't help. I don't know if it would work better on the smaller joints of an animal. It is worth a try as long as it is affordable - it won't cause your cat pain but it might be painful for your wallet.

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