location of cat food when you have a dog

hellokittySeptember 7, 2009

New to this forum. Usually hang out in home decorating and kitchen forums. For those of you who own cats & dogs, where do put your cat food so your dog won't eat it???? (dry) thx!

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On top of the clothes dryer.

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Yup cats are great jumpers and as long as your dog is not a good jumper just put it up high....

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Mine is on the kitchen island and on the floor too when the dog is outside in nice weather. He LOVES cat food. Why is that?

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I have an interior laundry room. I put a kitty door in door. Litter box is in there but food could be in there too. Or a closet with a kitty door. Right now we have a baby gate on stairs to keep doggy downstairs so kitty food is in upstairs bath on floor. But some day it will have to be moved when he is allowed upstairs.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

lily, the reason why your dog likes cat food: it's not dog food.

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The reason my dog likes cat food, is because it's FOOD ;)

Hellokitty, I bought one of those plastic pet food storage containers with the screw on lid to store my dog food. Mine holds about 20lbs, but you can buy smaller versions that might make more sense for cat owners.

This container is impossible for a dog to get into, so I can keep it on the pantry floor. It also is mouse and bug proof. When it gets empty I just give it a quick soap and rinse in the sink before adding the new food.

I think it cost about $20, but it will last me forever. I bought it at PetSmart, but I think you can get them at just about any pet store.

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Cat food is richer than dog food;
it's like steak & ice cream instead of soyburgers & yogurt!

My friend Chris keeps her cat food on top of the fridge, & her kitchen trash can is on top of a specially-purchased tallish table.

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We have a floor to ceiling cat "tree" with 5 landings. The cat food has always been available on levels 2 & 3. Level 2 was almost low enough for the dog to reach. As I recall, the initial reason we built the cat tree was to have a place for the cats to eat without the dog getting to their food. It has the added benefit of secure places to sleep and a floor to ceiling climbing pole.

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did you build your cat tree? I would love to have a huge cat tree for my girls- for fun, exercise and to also keep dogs away. Anyone have plans &/or websites since trees such as these cost a fortune?! Thanks.

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Cheryl, DH has designed and built all of our cat trees. The first one we had was just a peeler core, wrapped with sisal twine, and with 2 carpeted shelves that were notched into the post. At that time, the cats were little and just loved to climb, so that was ideal for them to work out their energy.

The second was just a series of posts and boxes that were carpeted and put together. That one was a pain to keep clean and after several years of wear and tear, it was done. The one we have right now is very simple, but the cats still love it. It is 5 alternating shelves- one to the left, then one to the right, then back to the left- so they could climb them more like stairs as they got older. The shelves are supported on one side by a narrow 2x4 frame, and a sisal wrapped peeler core on the other. We only carpeted the tops of the shelves on this one, and the cats were just fine with that. Our girl especially loves the top shelf that is up almost at ceiling level, it probably stays a little warmer up there and she can sleep soundly without worrying about being disturbed by anyone (she's very high strung).

If you have someone in your life who has woodworking/construction experience, a cat tree can be pretty basic- just use your imagination. The real pain is if you decide to carpet the whole thing, it's like the worst upholstery job ever. That's why we opted with just stapling flat pieces of carpet to the tops of the shelves. Over the years we learned that our cats enjoyed just being up high, and climbing carpeted or twine wrapped posts most of all, so carpeting the outside of a box was just too much trouble.

HTH, sorry to ramble.

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