My dog scratches himself raw plz help!!

pharkusSeptember 13, 2008

My male pitbull dalmation who is 2 1/2 years old has been scratching himself raw on his butt and he wont stop ive giving him sulfodene baths to help with the itching and flaking but it doesnt seen to help he also will lick himself to bleed to when it gets to bad but he doesnt do that only when he sits on something hard like outside in the dirt someone anyone plz help!!!

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Take your dog to the vet, until then give it a benadryl. You need to determine WHY your dog is scratching, he could have a nerve problem, an allergy to food, or to something else. End your dogs suffering and go to the vet

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Could also be an infected anal gland. Sounds like he is miserable..........poor guy.

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Its a mutt.... He chews because he probably has fleas and dry skin... Try moisturiser, and prehaps a flee bath.... And I had a pitbull who liked to chew her ass off... SCRUB THAT MUTT... And when they go to chew their ass SMACK EM.

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I have to disagree with KORN and agree with the others, you need an experienced person - preferably a vet - to figure out what the problem is so that you can solve the problem. Sometimes, shampooing the dog is the worst thing you can do if it is a dry skin problem. If it is fleas, you will need to get Frontline or other vet-sold anti flea preparations. Store-bought ones can be fatal to some dogs and can make other dogs very sick. But you don't need to use the flea products unless you have fleas, don't use them if you don't.

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And don't ever smack your dog.

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Yeah to that.

I think its simply because the dog is on a garbage diet probably made up of the leftovers of roadkill, leftover grain huallings, pts shelter animals with the killing drugs intact, and even poop/cancerous tissue, not to mention corn,grains,which will cause serious health/dental issues in a carnivorous animal, sadly in the pet food world a garbage diet pretty much sums up a good 70% of what is out there in wal-marts, supermarkets and vet offices. To buy good pet food you pretty much have to go to just natural pet food stores. I'd try a raw diet, but this has to be researched,vets BTW most of them do not approve or support it because the pet foods are way ahead of us for hosting vet schools, and their reps to desensitize every buddy to believe the lies that we are told on TV,ect.
If raw is too much, too expensive or if you have a disease like HIV/are elderly/ have young children, go try innova evo, Ziwi Peak or Orijen.

Stay away from brands like old roy, purina, Iams, science diet, eukauiva, alpo,mighty dog, beneful, old yeller. S/D/ect

Type in" what goes into pet food", online if you do not believe what I'm saying is true.

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When ever someone suggests hitting a dog I think they are a true neanderthal.

Aside from that, someone should be standing next to them to clobber them when they do it, just to see how they like it.


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Check with your vet. Fleas or food allergies come to mind. Focus on improving the diet, lots of dogs get skin problems related to food allergies. There are a couple threads on this forum about food allergies.

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I need help with the same issue. I have brought him to two vets equaling in total 360.00 who did absolutely nothing. They gave me meds that did nothing, testing that proved nothing, etc. I tried changing his diet, sprays, shampoos, prednisone, Benadryl, baking soda soaks, just about everything and absolutely nothing works. My poor little dog has to walk around with the cone of shame all the time. The minute I remove it, he goes to town. Can someone please help me??

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Take the dog to a Veterinary Dermatologist. If you need a referral, then ask one of the vets you've seen to refer you.
Skin problems can be difficult to diagnose and treat so be sure to follow thru with treatment and keep communicating with the vet.

What are you feeding your dog?

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