Dog 'Communicators'

schoolhouse_gwSeptember 28, 2009

Do you believe in these people? I was at an event recently where a lady who called herself a dog communicator charged $35 a session to sit and talk with your dog. She claimed to be able to find out what the dog was trying to tell its owner about issues in its life. A friend I met there was all excited about this lady, saying that she (friend) who is involved in dog rescue often takes rescued dogs to the communicator in order for the dog to "tell" her about their problems and background.

Awhile ago I received an email forwarded from a shelter by a friend, about a boxer who needed a home asap. The dog had some issues and when a communicator "talked" to it, the dog said he "wanted to play ball with the boy" - a shelter worker's son (!). So he did, and the dog came out of his shell a bit. Now, I don't know whether to believe this or not. What do you all think?

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Capital B. Capital S.

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They wirk by proiding as little information as possible and you the listener fill in the blanks. eal pychics are out there, and you can find them by looking for detail. Looks to me like the chances of this dog running into a "boy with a ball" in its likfe is probably pretty high, you filled in the rest yourself. Psychics worth anything will give you much more detail. Think about it, how many dogs dont like playing ball with a kid???

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I communicate with my dogs all the time.

I think it would be hard to find a dog that doesn't want to play ball with a boy.

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Gina! ROFL!

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I'm glad there are others who feel the same way I do about it, but my friend was so serious when she told me about taking the rescues for consultations that I didn't want to stand there and argue, esp. at an event in a large group.

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What JoePye said.

And what Gina said.

And what Mazer said.

In no particular order (except that JPW was funniest).

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I hope the "communicator" isn't charging the rescue - $35 can go a long way to providing REAL help to the dogs - better nutrition, vet care and medications, training equipment I'd question any rescue wasting $$ on frivilous (as Gina said) Capital B. Capital S.

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Sorry about my spelling - I have injured my left hand and sometimes my typing shows it!!

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I sat down next to the "dog psychic" while walking through the vendors in a dog fair. Ha! She was so very wrong, I was amazed. She seemed to be begging for clues, and when I did not respond, she did not like it. I just walked away.

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