Insects inside of outdoor water spigot

rrahJune 9, 2012

This is a weird one. For the last several years I have seen insect carcasses and tiny bits of leaves come out of one of our outdoor spigots when I fill watering cans, etc. At one point in time some of the water coming out was dirty. It's never caused a problem and usually I've been able to run the water for several minutes and clear it out. Yesterday I ran the hose out to the garden and attached it to a soaker hose. I checked on the garden a couple of hours later, and it was still dry. I did some trouble shooting with the hoses, etc. and determined the lack of water was at the spigot.

I turned the water off, detached the hose, and turned the water back on. Several bug carcasses or something that looked like black and brown bits of grossness came out. No bits of plant matter this time though. I hooked the hose back up and tried again. Again, the water stopped running after a minute or two. I detached the hose again and ran the water for several minutes. A few more bugs came out when I first turned the water on and then stopped. I went through the process several times. Still no water going through the hose after a minute. I'll try the hose on a different spigot today, but it really seems to be a problem in the spigot or the water line. I'm at a loss as to how to get any remaining bugs out of the water line and how to prevent this from happening in the future. Any suggestions?

I've done a google search for this no luck.

I'll also add this, living out in the country can bring some odd house issues!

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When you discovered the problem you should have capped the hose bib when not in use. Every hardware store has metal caps for exactly that purpose.

You might try an electrician's "fish tape" to clear the hose bib but BE CAREFUL.

You could get one of those big suction gizmo's and fill it with hot water to see if you can loosen the stoppage and then let the system water pressure blow it out.

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The simple answer is,,,There are no bugs in the water line...only in the faucett and they will flush out with the water flow.

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When you first turned the hose on some of the bugs were pushed into the hose. Your hose is plugged.

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Insects can also get in the hose unless both ends are closed at all times.

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