Sink drain placement

catlover5June 9, 2012

I want a sink with a rear drain to save room in the cab. I have seen drains in the back on the left, center and right positions. The DW is to the left of the sink. Do I want the drain closest to the DW (on the left) or farthest away (on the right)? Or does it make no difference and just find a sink with a center rear drain? I don't have a disposal or filter or anything like that, just the usual plumbing pipes. I have a tiny kitchen and am hoping to get the trash can under the sink. It will be a single bowl sink in a 27 in cab and we are adding an 18 in DW (I have a tiny kitchen). Thank you.

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DW doesn't care where it discharges. You can have single-sink drain positioned wherever you want it and expect no problems with DW assuming all else done properly.

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