Sewage ejector pump without a vent

leprakhaunsJune 9, 2014

I just bought my house a few months ago. On the inspection report it said "Sewerage ejector pump is not sealed. This condition will allow toxic plumbing gasses to enter the home." We put a seal over the hole, but still have a sewage smell coming from that room in the basement. We also need to put on a backflow valve to the pump.

It looks like instead of caulking that hole shut, it should have a pipe going to the roof to vent it out. Is the lack of a pipe something the inspector should have told us about? Without the vent is it even legal? Could a backflow valve be the reason we have that smell or is it definitely the lack of the vent?

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The vent is crucial for a sewage ejector. Some codes require that it be vented separately in order to insure that it does have venting that is not compromised by other fixtures which might be in use.
Sounds gross, but the sump does not empty completely when the pump runs. Thus some "bioeffluvia" remains and will be a source of "pungency". Sealing the unit within the basement and having an adequate external vent are necessities.

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Install the backflow device first. If the problem presists after installing backflow,try sealing up and installing a vent valve on basin that seals off until basin drops below atmospheric pressure. You need the backflow anyhow and the one-direction vent is inexpensive and easy to install.

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