Some water runs from tub spout when using shower

Lionheart12June 28, 2011

A plumber came to my house and installed a new delta shower/tub kit.

When in shower mode, some water still runs from the tub spout even though I pulled the diverter handle all the way up. Its not much, just three stream lines of water, but is this normal? According to Delta, some water is suppose to run from the tub spout, a pencil size width of water to be exact.

According to my plumber, he said that it is normal and that some other diverters out there actually have mechanisms to prevent this type of occurrence. He also said that it may also be caused by high pressures.

Has anyone noticed this with their own tub spout diverter? I thought since this shower/ tub kit is suppose to be water saving, why would water be flowing from the tub spout? That would waste more water than save.

By the way, it is a single handle tub/shower kit. The Delta classic monitor series 13 I believe.

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As you've been told, with the pull-up diverter, you can expect some small amount of water to still come out of the tub spout. That is because the mating surfaces of the diverter valve are not always machined to be 100% water-tight, just sufficiently to provide enough resistance to water flow that the water will go up to the shower head. Some are more water-tight than others. You might want to look for a better one. The mechanism is all in the spout.
A water-saving shower head may give enough back pressure so that more water may leak through the diverter than if you had a full flow shower head.
The knob-type diverter valve will shut off the tub spout completely.

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Thanks for replying.

Off the top of your head, do you have any suggestions of which diverter is better, the brand more specifically?

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