Question for Hansgrohe Talis faucet owners

kgolbyMarch 31, 2013

I absolutely love my new Talis S faucet. It's so pretty & ease of use is a delight compared to my former kitchen faucet. Only issue I have is how loose the neck is. I barely touch it and it moves, sometimes too much. Is this how your faucet is? Is there a way to tighten it up? My kitchen isn't completed so I can get the workers to tighten it up if that's the case. Thanks!

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I had the Talis S in my last kitchen. It was definitely pretty but I had the same problem. We could never fix it completely. I would have my super tighten it but it would loosen up again after a while. Maybe your workers can do better.

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Ok, that's good to know, nycbluedevil. I'll see about getting the neck tightened. At least it's good to know it was installed properly.

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I have two Talis S High Arc faucets. Neither have been loose as you describe. Is this what you have?

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This is the Talis faucet I have. I asked the plumber when he got here this morning & he said that itshow loose it's suppose to be. I'm ok with it knowing this is the design. I would prefer it to be a tad tighter but I can get used to it. I've never had such a nice faucet before so I wasn't sure if this was normal or not.

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I ordered the Talis S faucet and the first one I got was exactly as you've described. I've been trying to send it back (long story that involves a credit card dispute, but I digress). Anyway, when I called Hansgrohe about it and talked to their technical service department they told me this was a known issue. They said if it was already installed they could send me a part that would fix it. If it wasn't installed I could send it back as defective.

So, given that, I'd suggest giving Hangrohe a call and have them send you that part.

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Thank you so much for that bit of info, wi-sailorgirl. I'll give Hansgrohe a call.

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