Should I request new carpet with our situation or no?

Colefamily5September 19, 2013

Hi. I am new here and this is my 1st question on the forum, I love reading everything on here! here it goes:
Ok, so we have been waiting to move to a bigger apartment, and thank God the door opened, however, they refused to put new carpet in. The people who lived in there before us had a dog and a cat, and my kids and I have dander allergies. Question is, is this going to be okay with just them shampooing it? They just did...or should I press for new carpet? Would it be an issue with something underneath the carpet? or should I hire a company to do a deep cleaning with special solution for it? I know the people here only used a regular shampooer, it wasn't a deep clean. Does the cat and dog urine go through and "stay" there? I have a baby who's going to be crawling soon, the though of him on there grosses me out. I went in there today, the carpet "looks" like new, but is this enough?? please help!

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You asked "Does the cat and dog urine go through and "stay" there?"

What makes you think there is cat and dog urine? Are you just assuming or do you see and/or smell urine stains? Yes, urine can go through the carpet and pad - if there is a lot of it.

I can't imagine that they would replace the carpet unless it smells like urine or has visible staining. If it's just a matter of dander I would suggest you might want to clean the carpets again because of your kids' allergies, but I wouldn't expect the landlord to do that.

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yes, there is a hard smell, the apt had been closed for a few weeks and when we went in there it reeked like urine.

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I would be worried about the sub floor, tack strips and trim possibly needing to be replaced in that case.

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