Baby carrots- less flavor, less nutritious

ynnejDecember 15, 2011

I just recently made homemade ranch- so good! I'm not normally a fan of ranch, but this was so delicious that I was eating it with plain carrots. I ran out of carrots and bought a bag of the baby variety to save time and effort. Gross! I couldn't even eat them. I've never noticed how bland they were before- these were like biting into water (if that makes sense, which I'm sure it doesn't.) It compelled me to google the subject, and it had never even crossed my mind that there is actually no such thing as baby carrots, or how nutritionally deficient these are.

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They are euphemistically termed "baby-cut" carrots. Yup, often slimy and bitter, too.

Gimme a decent whole carrot, I'll peel it myself.

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Hate those things!! To me they always taste musty....just like that have been sitting in stagnant water for a while! Not allowed in my house.....the only good thing about them is that some kids may eat them because they are "easy"....bah!

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What is your recipe for homemade ranch? I make mine with mayo, fresh garlic, kosher salt, fresh dill, lemon juice, and black pepper. Sometimes I use part sour cream for some of the mayo, but then it is more like a dip for potato chips.


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Lars, I did a combination of the different ranches on this site, based on the ingredients I had. I really liked the fact that she said you can substitute milk with lemon for buttermilk, as I never have buttermilk on hand. Yours sounds very good, though! And yes, I suppose if kids will eat them, it's better than most snacks available!

Here is a link that might be useful: Ranch dressing recipe

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Are you talking *true* baby carrots or are you talking about baby *cut* carrots? There's a difference.

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Oh, those short, rounded carrots in a bag are horrid.
Absolutely tasteless and watery. And they take forever to cook.
I never ever buy them; we were at my BIL and SIL's for dinner and those things just wouldn't cook for the longest time. She said she never buys the carrots you have to peel, takes too much time.

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"Baby cut" carrots are the most ridiculous things. They save the time of peeling or rinsing, and cutting, a full size carrot. How lazy can one be? Maybe we should clamor for a "baby cut and chewed" carrot, pre-masticated, to save us the trouble of jaw exercise. Why not a "baby cut, chewed, digested, and shat" carrot?

That said, there is a package of baby cut carrots in my refrigerator
because SWMBO buys them for the kids' lunches. My head is hanging.

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Yeah.....musty....that's the word for they way those things taste! I'm happy to say it has been a long, long, time since I bought those little things. And how could you ever grate those? Ouch!

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I've never bought them. I personally like my carrots with the skin on. I use a veggie brush, give them a good scrub and cut to the size I want for whatever they go in. Tastes better and much better for you.

Johnliu, you can get carrots as you describe except for the "shat" part. It's called baby food. lol

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I read in this forum a few months ago about the difference between those bagged wee carrots and regular carrots. I haven't bought the bags since. I had really forgotten how good a normal carrot I peel myself can be due to my own laziness.


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