Dirty Shipoo and indoor options to play

sweetchastitySeptember 17, 2010

Our lil Punkin gets his white fur so dirty outside. Can anyone offer some suggestions to keeping it cleaner? We bring him in and wash his paws but the dirt goes up to under his belly sometimes so he's getting half a bath or a full one if I just say to heck with it. I don't think washing a dog/puppy everyday is good for them even if its an appropriate shampoo. I tried taking a wet J cloth and rubbing his paws but the dirt doesn't come out well. Its more to keep him from getting dirt over the floor, blankets, etc than to keep him nice and white (though I'd like him not to look so disheveled). Peanut's short coat is much easier to manage. Can anyone offer some quick, efficient ways to keep him clean?

My cats never really used a cat furniture with scratcher on top so I gave it to the puppies and they LOVE IT! It has a round base with a hole on one side and the other side there is a foot long tube exit. They race through it, they sleep in it, they chew stuff in it, they chew each other in it. Unfortunately they also chew it and are pulling off the cardboard from inside and Peanut will pee in it (yuck!). We'd like something similar for them that is easy to clean. Does anyone have any suggestions? We just ripped up all the carpet and put tile in the kitchen so we can't afford to buy anything expensive but I'm sure we can make something they can play in when the weather is bad outside.

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I see by your member page that you live in Canada;
don't know how much of the year this would work for you, but many people in my area wash dirt off their dogs with the water hose.

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greetings from northern ontario i have a shih tzu, which i perfer to keep her hair longer and she is white with dark grey. however, our little girl Gracie age 3 loves to wear clothes, yes i know, she even goes to her basket of clothes and drags something out to wear everyday (i know she does know what she taking out). i don't know if you live near a chatters beauty salon but for 14.00 dollars you can pick up paul mitchell spray on shampoo, you spray it on and brush it out, i works well, especially up here. i also use her puppy stroller (and i am one of 3 people in this town that have one) and i get laughed at, smiled at and jut get plain stared at! but idon't care, she is only 7 pounds and i walk about 5 miles min. per day and she also gets to go out and in the winter its fantastic. where abouts do you live, people here (well not alot about a dozen) are having problems with ticks, we are being told not to go into the bush or long grass with our pets) debbie

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Is a Shipoo a shih tzu and poodle? They do make finishing products to use when you brush a long haired dog. Chris Christensen makes Ice-on-Ice which also helps repel dirt stains, etc. However unless you go to a dog show, you would have to order on line. (At least, I've never seen his products at any pet store.) He also has a product called Show-off which is a rinseless shampoo. On another dog site, there are some members who just love this product. If you decide to order also consider the White-on-White shampoo. It's a purple shampoo that really brightens the white on a dog. The shampoo makes the white ruff and stockings on my pup just glow. I use quite a few of his products and love his wooden pin brush.

If you don't want to order you might also go to your local pet store and ask if they have any finishing type spray and/or a rinseless shampoo. I haven't tried it, but Bio-groom also makes a finishing product.

When mine is just messy, I just spray her down in the laundry room sink. Usually I don't need any type of shampoo, just a quick spray of warm water and then just towel her off.

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Go get some dog booties and a little shirt for your pup so it can go outside and play....there is nothing like outside for stimulating a pup and keeping him happy. I met a lady just Friday with a beautiful white dog who had just been to the groomers, they were starting their walk, I saw them leave the area, her dog was jet black half way up....it had a great time....she said next time she will go to the park with a less tempting muddy area...

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The way our pups race around the backyard you know they love being outside! I have to keep reminding my mom that even if they are young and small that they are still dogs and dogs go outside. I tried to get some cheap clothes but mom finally acknowledges that the clothes won't be cheap but are worth it. We got a couple to help Peanut stay warm and I want boots for both of them.

heydeborah - I'm between London and Toronto so we probably don't get as much snow as you see.

housefairy - Yes he's a Shih-Tzu/Poodle cross. My brother's having similar issues with Punkin's brother. They keep a towel at the door and wipe him down when he comes in but he does get dirty so he's going to the groomers for the first time this week. I like the idea of the dry shampoos and will look for them and order online if I have to.

Unfortunately most of the dirt in the backyard is my fault (failed attempt at gardening, lol). Maybe if I throw down some burlap on the dirt piles that can help with some of the mud.

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the paul mitchell shampoo is specially made for dogs, i first saw it on cityline
i live in Thunder Bay. i did try the boots in even extra extra small but her little feet aare so smal andcrooked so they don't stay on and i see why, after you move all that fur their little feet and legs are only as thick as your baby finger.

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We had that problem with a dog, and the best solution was to keep his foot, leg and belly fur clipped short enough that it didn't collect mud. I just scissor-clipped it short and tapered, like doing a pixie cut on a human

Will she wear a "tube top" like they put on Afghans to keep them clean?

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