Floor Model Whirlpool Tub Piping Leaks

mydreamhomeJune 11, 2011

Brought home a floor model, fully loaded, Kohler Purist (K-1110-V) manufactured in 2004 today to test. Showroom couldn't hook it up to test properly, so they let us take it home to see if it worked. Got it hardwired in to 240V, filled it up and turned it on. Everything seemed to work beautifully except for water spraying out one of the connections just above the pump motor. Fitting/connector was a little loose, so we tightened it slightly, but then water sprayed out both sides of the fitting vs. just one side. DH and DDad both say, "Take it back, don't take the chance. Even if this connector was repaired, which fitting will be the next to leak (and probably destroy all the wood surrounding the tub)?"

This tub is going in a new build & since it's a floor model, the plumber won't warranty it (the showroom & manufacturer won't either, hence the test drive. I did charge it to my credit card that extends the warranty by 1 year up to $500, though.) It retails for around $9000 and we got it for $900. (No way could we afford this tub at $9K). Is this kind of issue common in whirlpool tubs that haven't been installed yet? Is there any hope for this tub? What would you do if you were in my shoes?

Here is a link that might be useful: Kohler Purist Tub Link

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6' whirlpools aren't cheap, as you found out. Sounds like a simple repair a plumber could do, but if he can't can you get replacement parts from Kohler? If not I'd take it back. I bought a display model once, got a real good deal. When I got home I opened the box, No pump, No piping. Took it back. Not so good deal.

Hope that helps,


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For $8100, I might find a way to fix it.

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Talked to area showroom manager today. He said to call Kohler with all the information and see what they can do. Calling tomorrow & will update.

My other alternative is to get a new downgraded model of the same tub (I could get it in white vs. biscuit) with the 2 features I want for around $3500. Add another $400 if I want 6 whirpool jets added around the perimeter for DH, but no back or neck jets. Builder allowance is $1500 so we'd owe another $2000-2400 vs. having a credit of $600. Any thoughts on what you would do if in my shoes?

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