Kittens Killed by ????

crissyinchaseburgSeptember 15, 2009

Hi, I am so sad, and I really shouldn't be. We live near a farm, so an occasional stray cat in not uncommon around here. Last week, I noticed a cat in my wire fenced in flower bed. When I tried to shoo her out, I figured out why she was inside the fence. She had a litter of six!! Their eyes were just opening and so cute!! Not that I was crazy about a bunch of kittens around my house and yard, but I figured they would eventually end up back at the farm, no problem. Yesterday, I went out to check on them, and found, to my HORROR, a tail and a kitten head. I had my husband look and he found one more dead whole kitten. What kind of an animal would do this??? I know we have raccoons and possum around, but I don't think they could get into the fence. We have an old Lab who LOVES cats, and he can't get in the fence, he (and the bunnies) is the reason the fence is there. I know he didn't do it.

I am so sad and sick I can't even eat. I am so afraid I will find the other 4, or parts of them.

I am sure she had them in the flower bed, it was a safe place. Now she walks around the yard, meowing and crying. It breaks my heart.

Should I be setting a live trap and try to trap this monster?? What do you think I am dealing with?

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I was probably an owl or a raptor, most likely an owl. Could have been a fox. Unless you read animal sign you will never know. They and the other wild animals who live by your farm have a place in the world, and even tho are opportunistic feeders and have chosen to take such a small life, I dont think you should go off and trap - you might be catching an innocnet animal - it is human nature to try and exact revenge in order to feel safer especially in witnessing such a cruel fate for such an innocent creature. For myself I would be angerier at the person who did not fix the adult cat.

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when i read your description, my first thought was that a tomcat probably killed the kittens. :(

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Tomcats kill kittens that are not their own, but I don't know if they eat them. Could have been one, could have been a raccoon, fox, owl, etc. It's what Mazer said.

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exactly, gina. they kill them and then they usually tear them to pieces.

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My first thought was an owl, which mazer also mentioned. They do tear them apart when they eat them and this happened to more than one kitten in our friend's yard.

I'm very sorry you had to experience this.

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Baby rabbits and squirrels are killed regularly by cats, so maybe this mommy just got back what she deserved. Yes, I know it is sad, but dead baby animals always make us sad.

She learned a lesson and next time around will hide them better. Yes, there will probably be a next time.

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I'm is the cat getting inside the fenced in area?

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I agree it could have been any kind of critter, such as a raccoon, an owl, etc.. but its possible (ughh, I know you'd hate to think this) that it could even have been the mother.

Once when I was little (like 40 yrs ago), I had a cat with kittens. She actually did kill 2 of them herself in a rather horrific manner. If I recall correctly, my mamma said this was because there was something probably wrong with them, and she knew it. Thus, she was culling the litter herself. I still remember how horrified I was when I caught her doing it (egads traumatic to walk in on something like that in the garage).

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Hey, I reread this post tonight, and I hated how I left it. Ssuch an ugly picture to leave, and frankly, it must still bother me if I remember it even today 40 years later (I'm 45).

I googled the subject, "mother cat culling litter" and found an interesting article (after reading many). The study indicated that a homeless cat might sometimes cull it's litter if it feels it cannot sufficiently feed the litter it has produced due to a lack of food. I sorta stopped reading after that. However, apparently, its a protective mechanism.

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