My dog is going bald

msbattSeptember 1, 2010

He's a ten-pound foo-foo of questionable breeding, and he's losing his hair.

I first noticed it on his behind---it honestly looked like he'd been plucking the hair around his rectum. Now it's getting thin on his legs, behind his ears, and on his throat.

He has fleas---we're using Frontline every two weeks and STILL have fleas. I've tried bathing and flea-combing, but---still have fleas.

Now---is it time for a dipping? If so, what do you recommend? Is there a dip that will deal with the fleas, and maybe whatever's causing him to lose hair?

Yes, obviously it's time for a trip to the vet---but it's another two weeks yet before I get paid, and the little guy is miserable. What can I do to make things better NOW, on the cheap?

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Wash everything that can go in the laundry, and vacuum like a crazy woman for the next week or two. Until you get the fleas out of the house your pup will continue to have a problem. Sounds like he's having an allergic reaction too. You should not be using Frontline every two weeks. Frontline is good for 90 days for fleas, but if your house is infested, the Frontline won't solve the problem. Good luck.

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I beg to differ, re the Frontline. It's sold as being a thirty-day treatment, and since the fleas became resistant, my vet tells me I can apply it as often as I can afford it. (*grin*)

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I don't know what's in Frontline, but one of the clinics here routinely gives every dog a "flea pill" to prevent fleas from getting a foothold in the clinic, & they always advise not to give a flea treatment within some certain number of days (can't remember the number) prior to the visit.

I wouldn't want to overdose any dog, let alone a 10-pound frou-frou, on a neurotoxin.

Advantage has worked wonders for my dogs, & oatmeal shampoo is wonderfully soothing for itchiness.

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Sylvia, you're thinking of Capstar. It will get rid of live fleas on the dog within a few hours.

MsBatt, No need to beg, just read the package :) Yes, your vet will indeed sell it to you to apply every 30 days, but that's for the ticks prevention. For fleas, you'll see it's good for 90. Though with the infestation you have, I'd recommend 30 days. If your vet said to give it more frequently than every thirty days, there was a miscommunication.

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Comfortis is another flea pill that lasts 1 month. However, most of our clients find it only works 1 month; the second dose a month later doesn't seem to work for a full month and after that, all bets are off. Also some little dogs get an upset stomach with it. But it does seem to work the first time and has made many pets more comfortable quickly.

You are definitely going to have to flea bomb the house and treat the yard. I like siphotrol products for the house. You will have fleas hatching out for at least 3 months, so you will need to do monthly bombings for at least that long.

Frontline is very safe to give any pet. It does not get absorbed systemically as do ALL other flea products. That is the reason I like it so much. However if it isn't working then you will have to switch to something else like Advantage.

Your dog may also have a secondary skin infection which makes the itching many times worse. He may need antibiotics. If there are no contraindications, I would also Rx a short course of steroids to make your dog more comfortable right now. The fur is falling out because he is scratching, he's scratching because he itches, and he itches because he's allergic to fleas and/or he has a skin infection. The steroids take out the itch and will give his skin a chance to heal.

Good luck with everything. Be diligent and follow all directions on all products. Again, this will last at least 3 months, so be prepared for an ongoing battle.

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