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musicteacherJune 20, 2013

I am installing a new countertop and sinks but keeping the old vanity. How bad would it be if the bowl centers were off a couple of inches? Would it require expensive re-plumbing? I would also LOVE to facets that come out from the wall instead of up from the vanity. (Would probably have a tile backsplash there.) Would this be an expensive change also?

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Everything is expensive when it comes to plumbing;) That said, you are re-doing the vanity and sink/faucet. Do it the way you want it.

I think the best way to go is to pick your faucet and if it is wall mounted, move the vanity, open the wall and extend your supplies, H&C, up to feed the new faucet. Mount the faucet securely, attach and repair the wall penetration. While in there, depending upon the amount of offset you will have for the drain it may be best to move the drain over. Your plumber will have to put "eyes on" to tell.

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