Finally - Elizpiz's Finished Kitchen

elizpizMarch 25, 2009

Well, here it is I am finally posting my finished kitchen. A quick "before and after" Â full album linked below.



Some background and few details:

Our house is almost 100 years old and as such, the original kitchen was quite small  about 9x10. We have an unusually shaped lot, and the shape allowed for us to be able to knock down an exterior wall and build out. Here is the original floor plan:

I love to cook but for all of my adult life I have never cooked in a kitchen that was bigger than 9x10. I've never had a dishwasher before, unless DH counts (we didn't have one in my family home either) and the efficiency in our "zone" came from being able to reach everything because the space was so darn small!

The objective was to make the kitchen look like it was always there, with more up to date appliances. To achieve that, we had the cabinets hand painted and distressed and chose heritage colours. We used reclaimed oak planks for the island countertop; the hardware is a combination of hand forged cast iron from England and finds from architectural salvage. Countertops and the main sink are soapstone.

An imperative was to find a home for my 300+ (and counting) cookbook collection. We achieved that through clever cabinetry and the acquisition of a beautiful old hutch.

But most of all, we wanted the kitchen to be the heart of the house, and it really is. I can honestly say that we don't sit in the living room anymore!

We started the project in May and it was completed in December. The past few weeks have been spent getting the finishing details (stools, etc). Along with the kitchen, we rewired the house, excavated down to a new laundry room, added storage, repainted everything, redid the bathroom in the basement etc etc... It was a house reno disguised as a kitchen addition.

We didn't work with a designer - the ideas were ours, brought to life by our GC - and primarily me spending *hours* right here with all of you dear GWerÂs. So THANK YOU for all of your generosity, your advice, your wisdom and your passion for all things TKO Â I wish I could throw a giant GW party to give you all a big hug!

Top notes (feel free to contact me if you have questions):

Soapstone counters

Custom cabinetry

Liebherr fridge

TurboChef double ovens

BlueStar cooktop with centre grill

Modern-Aire hood

Walker-Zanger backsplash

Miele Excella full dishwasher

FP Dishwasher Drawer

Kohler faucets: potfiller, main sink, prep sink

Hardware perimeter cabinets: Whitechapel

Hardware island and fridge: architectural salvage from Old Good Things in NYC

Bar stools from America Retold

Fair warning  my album has lots of pix  I just couldnÂt bear not to include the details.


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Daaang! Girlfriend, you done good.

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Beautiful, Eliz. I've been waiting for your finished pics, and I'm not disappointed! Everything is just lovely ... v. well planned, down to the last inch. You must be so thrilled. Enjoy!!!

N&G Soapstone -- I'm considering using them for our soapstone counters, but know of some issues that others have had with them. In your pics, the counters look great. Are you happy with their work and service?


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Wow. Just wow. What a great use of limited space. I LOVE the bookcase area, which if you just told me about it I would probably scoff at, but it looks great! It totally doesn't look overdone or as if you'd dropped a modern kitchen into an old house. Congrats! I hope you enjoy your new kitchen as much as I enjoy looking at it.

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My 3 year old DD is sitting here with me and she just pointed to your photos and said "that's pretty!" It's amazing how observant little ones are.

Wow - what an amazing transformation. I love your kitchen. My aesthetic tends toward the modern, but your kitchen is just is so wonderful. Wishing you many years of cooking in that great space.

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Oh My - I thoroughly enjoyed your slideshow and there are so many features in your new kitchen that I love, but I'm afraid I'll forget to mention them!

First of all - the cabinets are great - I love the look of aged patina on them as well as the hardware. What color are the cabinets, exactly? LOL In some photos they look sort of khaki, some they look sort of green, and some they look sort of off-white cream! But I absolutely adore them and they fit in nicely with the age of your home.

Next - I love the neat widows peak for extra light and the unique storage areas you built in (especially for shoes under the stairs!)

Plus the pop of the red wall oven is great!

I think your wall of stone with the hood is beautiful too!

Great job - I could live in your kitchen!

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Wow, it looks great! I especially like the hood wall-so open and airy looking.

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Dang! Just when I loved my kitchen, I see yours and want to start over again. I love our windows peak and all your great storage ideas. I really, really want your Turbo chef. DH just couldn't get his head around why I would want it so it was one thing dropped from my wish list. Hugh sigh.

you should be proud of how you have all the modern conviences that blend so well with your existing house.

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I'm stunned! Can't believe that it is the same house! A big congratulations to you!

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I think that has to be my favourite kitchen from this forum. It is simply wonderful.

It is a terrible thing to see when I am three quarters finished, and I know that my kitchen will never look as beautiful.


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That is the most amazing kitchen I've ever seen.

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Those book shelves are awesome!! I have an old home too, so I can appreciate how hard it is to get your kitchen to look like it belongs there... wow! yours is beautiful and true to the age/period of your home.

Great job!

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Wow, that is fantastic! I love your hutch! I am looking for one just like that! And I love how bright and airy the kitchen is with all those windows, what a view!


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I love, love love your kitchen! You did an incredible job of mixing modern and old. I have questions for you that I hope you can address today, as I am struggling with bin pull and knob issues.

Like you, I visited an architectural salvage company and purchased bin pulls (from 1870). They don't have enough matching knobs, so I came home with black glass knobs for the doors (beautiful). However, the shiny glass isn't working with the cast iron/bronze patina'd bin pulls (for my husband - i might be okay with it). You wrote you ordered knobs from a company in Wyoming. Were they antique also? Could I get the name of the company you ordered from? Also, I notice you have different pulls on the island than the perimeter. Are the knobs the same on both? Do you have a mix of finishes?

I think the peak is fantastic the way it is. Everything is perfect! Excellent use of space. Congratulations, Kris

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Took my breath away, it's just beautiful. I love how much character it has. Congrats and enjoy!

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Is that a red wall oven? How cool! I think you created a wonderful kitchen. Enjoy!!

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Gorgeous kitchen--even more gorgeous bookcase! I've seen your island sink many times but could never imagine using it until I saw your slideshow--now it makes perfect sense!

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Love your cabinets, windows, everything, but it's that wonderful old hutch and your cookbooks that make it so special. What a great place to live. Congratulations!

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wow, wow, wow, wow!!! you absolutely nailed it. It looks as though it is original to your home (but you have so many wonderful modern luxeries!!!). You must LOVE having your dishwashers!! absolutely gorgeous, and yes, please hang some kind of awesome chandy that will pull eyes up to the widows peak. stunning!!

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All I can say is that is one AMAZING kitchen! Thank you for the slideshow to show all of the details--I particularly love your island and the widows' peak. Enjoy, you deserve it!

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Well I must say I will bet huge money you are really missing those tile countertops (that extended up the wall...ouch).

What a huge change, and what a wonderful one. Bad tile aside, the old kitchen did nothing for your home. The new one has to be a major selling point if you ever chose to leave it. It's lovely!

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Wow. It's really gorgeous. I love the backsplash/stone, the cabinet colors, the hutch... the widow's peak is amazing!! and that hardware is perfect! I want it!!

It really is stunning. You must be so happy. Enjoy!

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Fabulous job!!! Love the windows, the tile, the refrigerator hardware, the soapstone. Everything blends beautifully. Really looks like a special place to live!! Congratulations on a job well done. Enjoy!!

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Beautiful. This gives all us wannabeedones great hope! Yours is so unique and homey. Love the island, and the way you mixed and matched! Another inspiration to save and drool over!

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Great job, I love those hen painting. They are not loud like in most that are bold colors.

I can't wait till mine is done. Got the new window put in today...Yea

Next is getting walls ready for painting......but here comes the rain with thunder and lighting OH MY.

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such a gorgeous space, it's beautiful! congratulations! you MUST let us know how you like your turbo chef. mine is being stored in our garage and sometimes i go out there just to "visit". enjoy your new kitchen and show it off proudly. you've done a fabulous job!

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Wow! So many great details! Normally I have to ooh over the soapstone, but I'm positively in love with your widow's peak. The kitchen is so much brighter with so much more storage. You used every last inch of the space so well. Enjoy your fabulous new kitchen.

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Elizpiz, absolutely stunning! I could have looked at more. Better Homes & Gardens or Fine Home Building should be photographing this one!! Flawless in every way. And you get to be there every day, I'm envious. Happy cooking.

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What a fantastic kitchen. I would love to move in on a minutes notice. You have achieved a standard that I think few will ever match. I can hardly wait to see the wonderful dishes you prepare . I do hope you will post pics of you and your loved ones using the fabulous colleciton of coookbooks. Caroline

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WOW! Simply stunning! I love all of the old fashioned elements. You really kept the integrity of the home. Can you tell me how you like your Bluestar w/grill? We are probably getting the same model. Do you feel like you have enough burners with the one burner being simmer only? Thanks :)

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Wow, just wow. Your kitchen has so much character and individuality and it fits in perfectly with your old house. GREAT job!!!!!!

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Wouldn't it be neat for the original owners to come back and discover your freezer drawers and your DW drawer? Don't know what I love the most- cabinets? soapstone sink? widow's peak? seeded glass? Backsplash?

Anyhow- what a superb job you've done! I do have a question- though it may be too early to ask... you are obviously a busy cook- do you think the slate BS is going to be a problem to keep clean? I love the earthiness of slate, but have been afraid to put it behind my stove. I could never get the white grout on my previous tile BS back to white, so am leery of hard to clean surfaces.

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Eliz, I can't tell you how happy you've made me! Your kitchen has the same color palette I've been developing for mine and to see it in "person" is truly amazing and a great relief that I am making the right decisions. Congratulations, it is BEAUTIFUL! BTW, what flooring tile did you use? Thanks, Christine

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Holy moly...beyond the obvious functionality and superb choices of appliances etc., that photostream is...well, some of those pictures are artworks in themselves. I'd love to see a pic of the cat looking at the seeded glass windows in the room *up* in the room with the windows.

I've also never wanted to *touch* painted cabinets as much as I do yours...the description of the process is amazing. Each of the people who worked on your kitchen should be thrilled to have some of these pictures for their professional portfolios.

And could you please send some of that artistic sunlight out here to the cloudy PNW? Thanks :)

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Thanks for the generous pictures, and all the views, it's a fabulous kitchen !!!

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Hi Elizpiz, I've been waiting (and not so patiently) for you to post your finished kitchen photos! Waiting to see your beautiful soapstone sink. It really is gorgeous. I think that corner of your kitchen cabinets with the sink tucked right up to the corner and the beautiful corner windows is my favorite part of your kitchen. Both corners of cabinets and windows are what really stands out for me. Well, of course the peak is stunning - I can't imagine that it needs anything else. It must be amazing at night with a full moon!

I know I will have other comments or some questions for you. Thanks for posting.

What is your favorite? Can you even pick one?

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Your kitchen remodel is beautiful, functional and unique. I would be surprised if you aren't contacted by a magazine asking to feature your remodel. If I'd seen it in a spread, it would have been clipped for my inspiration folder.

Congratulations! and enjoy...

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OH - MY - GOSH!! This is BEAUTIFUL. Sorry for yelling ;-D, but it is amazing. The stone, the windows, the oven, the cabinet color, the countertop materials, and the amazing bookshelf unit. Definitely among my short list of very favorite kitchens.

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I was directed here from another forum.

Your kitchen is the most beautiful kitchen I have ever seen. Truly, truly inspirational. Enjoy!

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Coming out of lurkdom to say that yours is one of the most beautiful kitchens I have ever seen, including those in the hundreds of magazine kitchens I have looked at over the years. I'd love to see photos of the rest of the house too! And I'd love to know where you got those beautiful rooster paintings as well. Not usually my "thing" but I love those.
Well done!

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Oh my goodness - I'm overwhelmed by your responses! I've been away from my computer (ahem trying to do my day job) and it's been so exciting to read all of your reactions.

To everyone who posted such positive comments THANK YOU. They really mean so much to me. To be cited as a standout kitchen by you TKOers is really amazing!

Okay, I'll try to answer some of your specific questions and comments:

Venice: Happy to tell you about our experiences with N+G. Email me with your specific concerns. We had a bit of attitude but the workmanship was great and we love the finished product.

downsey, the paint on the cabs is from Homestead House, and is called Tapestry (it reads as a pale sage-y green in real life). Although it's hard to tell, the island is a slightly deeper green, called Cartier.

krissd, the hardware WAS THE HARDEST DECISION OF THE WHOLE KITCHEN!! Who knew it would take so long? Here's a link that shows you some close-ups of the hardware and a link to Whitechapel, the company in Wyoming. Whitechapel is reproduction and they have a great selection. The hardware on the island is all from Old Good Things (salvage), with the exception of the two round knobs at the end. The salvage handles are solid brass and I had to darken some of them. They are definitely not uniform in colour. Perimeter knobs are all from Whitechapel, with the exception of the fridge. While they are all dark in tone, there are definitely variations.

chachashea, the red oven door is a custom colour we ordered from TurboChef slightly deeper than the standard issue red. We love the pop of colour!

plllog, glad you *get* the sink now :-) It is indispensable, esp when we are both cooking

katekouros, we LOVE the TC! Ive probably used the conventional oven more, because I like doing a slow braise and it seems somehow *wrong* to shorthand that. But I love my 16 minute apple cobbler, my less than 10 minute roast potatoes, my Marcella Hazan lemon chicken in less than 30...the list goes on. Hope you get to use yours soon...

trailrunner, your amazing breads have definitely been an inspiration during the many months when we were not even living in the house but in a cramped and sad apartment. I have a sourdough starter on the go and hope to be able post a creation soon (its been a loooong time since Ive made bread).

twogirlsbigtrouble, we really like the combination. Because we also have the two hob induction, I have another source of high power besides the BS. But I can honestly say that even with 14 over for dinner, Ive never had the need for more than what that 4-burner BS gives me. And my grilled breads for bruschetta are really yummy!

raehelen, well the original owners havent come back, but the previous owners have. They happened to be in our neighbourhood a few weeks ago and knocked on the door. They were simply stunned. It was bittersweet, because the husband said to the wife: "we shouldnt have sold the house" and she replied "I never would have had the vision to do this". All I can say is were not selling any time soon! To answer your question, weve actually put the kitchen to good use so far. Several dinner parties, usually of 6 or 7 people, plus a gathering of 14 a few weeks ago. I am *not* a clean and tidy cook (just ask my DH!) and so far not a problem with the backsplash whatsoever. Pls feel free to keep checking back in though for updates.

yeschef, we love the colours. They change around with the light and I think work really well with the house. The tile is honed limestone heres a link with some detail shots.

flyleft, DH will be happy to read that! He was the photographer for many of these and couldnt believe that anyone other than us would be interested in these pix. Little does he know how the mind of a TKOer works....:-) Would love to send the sunshine your way, expect I think we have your weather today cold and rainy :-(

garden18c, thank you! A favourite feature? Every day its something different. Whgen Im oiling the soapstone, I love the soapstone; when Im unloading clean dishes (as prosaic as that sounds!) I *love* my dishwasher; when I wake up in the morning its the heated floors. But mostly I think I love just sitting at that island and hanging out. We just never want to leave the house.

rhome410 Your shout makes me so happy! You were one of the very early ones who gave me great advice on the layout, the backsplash, Waterlox, etc etc and all the way through, with your wise counsel not just to me, but to others here. Im thrilled you love it.

Thanks again to everyone for your kind words they mean a lot to me!


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While I was posting, jshore hopped on in - welcome! We live in Toronto and every year there is a terrific outdoor art exhibit near City Hall. We have bought several pieces there including our two roosters. Here is a link to the artist's web site. I am always happy to promote local talent!


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I agree, this is one of the most beautiful kitchens I have ever seen. As another cookbook junkie I do envie you the wonderful space. Enjoy it!

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oh, oH, OH! I seldom comment on the finished kitchens, but this one, well, this one, well, it's orgasmic!

Thank you for sharing it with us. God bless and keep you for many, many years to come in your beautiful kitchen.


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THAT is gorgeous......

Well done Elizpiz. BEAUTIFUL!


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Well that is very inspirational! It makes me feel as though there is some hope for my kitchen. So beautiful - love the shoe storage!

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Wow! Your kitchen is wonderful! It really looks like it's been there "forever"!

I think I have prep sink envy!!! Yours is the first I've seen that made me whine..."why didn't I see that one before???"

Oh, and the's wonderful and exactly the type of thing I've been looking for for our FR for my ever-expanding book collection! My huge collection isn't cookbooks, though, it's mostly Science Fiction with some Fantasy thrown in... (I long ago outgrew our tiny library.)

You & your kitchen deserve all the accolades go and have fun "working" in that wonderful kitchen!

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OMG, Elizpiz, you jerked me back out of lurking mode!! Without a doubt, this kitchen has made my "All Time Favorite Kitchens" list. Honestly, this is a winner, wonder kitchen in all respects. That said,I am especially wowed by the cabs and hardware, Walker-Zanger backsplash and Modern-Aire hood, the incredible widows peak, the sunny corner window area. The hutch and cookbook collection is magnificent. And, beyond the kitchen, I must tell you -- I'm totally loving that storage area under your new stairs and . . . Trixie!

Thank you sooo much for sharing your wonderful album of photos with us. You have really brought a smile to my face.

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What a beautiful, well thought out kit. You certainly achieved your goal and it must be a joy to work in. Congratulations.

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marthavila, I'm so glad you came out of hiding! Had to give you a special shout out for all the very helpful info on my Modern-Aire. I thank you and little Trixie gives you a wave of her delicate little paw :-)


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Lovely! It's beautiful and homey and best of all -- hard working!

What impresses me the most is how well thought-out everything is.

How long did it take you to design this fabulous space?

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truly breathtaking. the windows and ceiling are jaw-dropping!!!! love the stone wall and hood too!!!!!

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What an amazing and beautiful transformation. I am in awe.

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WOW!!! I have lots of "favorite" kitchens here on GW, but yours is the first one I've actually wanted to live in. Yes, that kitchen could make this Florida girl move to the great white north in a heartbeat! I can just so easily picture spending hours in that fabulous space. Everything about it is absolutely perfect and obviously so carefully thought out. Enjoy!!!

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I could watch the slideshow again and again and again. Love all the features!

Can you please tell me more about your compost at the end of the island? That is exactly how I want to set up my garbage and compost.
Is it a special bucket and special lid? Where did you get it? What are the dimensions?

Thank you!

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What a feast for my eyes and soul! One of the very best!

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Your kitchen is lovely. I have a silly question- what kind of dishes do you have? They look a lot like my Denby.
Hope you are enjoying all your fun details!

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Elizpiz -- your kitchen literally brought tears to my eyes, joyful it is evident that this kitchen is a labor of love! Your vision, attention to detail, courage to pursue your dream is all right here for us to see! An inspiration for sure, what a treasure this one is!

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Just brilliant attention to every considerable detail that has ever been discussed, considered, or pondered. FABULOUS! May you and your family/friends enjoy each other and fill that room and your home with many wonderful lifetime memories.

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Once again, thanks so much for your wonderful posts! It is so gratifying to see that all of the *agonizing* I did over every (what seemed at the time silly) detail, is noticed and appreciated. But of course I wouldn't expect anything less from you all!

ALL of your posts are so great - I do have to call out a few that are especially meaningful. Buehl, the fairy godmother of GW, who keeps everyone on here informed and takes cares of us all, thank you for the kind words and the envy! Its your store of knowledge and generosity with everyone here that I envy :-).

And Sweeby, the "Sweeby Test" was one of the first things I did after joining GW. As to how long it took me to design the kitchen, oh about 18 years of bad kitchen living :-). The actual process started with a pencil drawing that our GC gave us, and then me learning visio on the fly to play around with elements, LOTS of inspiration pix, LOTS of reading on here and a husband who was as interested and into the design part as I was. All in all about 4-6 weeks, plus those 18 yrs of dreaming...

Holligator, was it you that wanted to do reclaimed French chateau tiles? We also debated about that and once we ruled it out it was tough to get a floor we loved. I think we both did very well with our decisions. But trust me, if you venture up here, you'd be happy my floors are heated!

huango, here's the link to the recycle unit. Our cabinet maker got it and installed it as part of the job. The only thing we wish were different is to have the option of having the composting unit (the smaller one) in front. Toronto has a great wet composting program, so we use it quite a bit.

Thanks again for the interest, everyone!


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Okay, I need to learn how to post faster...

Mapletex, we got our plates in Thailand last year when we were there for a holiday. They came shipped in four big crates that sat unopened for months. After all that, only a single dish was broken - we were so lucky!

Alice, remodelfla, - TY! I learn from the best - all of you...


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Elizpiz - Yay, what a gorgeous space!! It looks so original with all the natural elements - soapstone, tile floors, rustic hardware. It absolutely looks like it's an original kitchen of a beautiful home. Congrats!!!

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Hi- Thanks so much for responding about the knobs/pulls. I did check out Whitechapel. I am glad to know you darkened some yourself - that was my plan, too. Your info helped me come up with a solution. Thanks so much. I love the character you've instilled in your kitchen.

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Simply inspiring! Love it!

Kat :)

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Yes, that was me with the dreams of the reclaimed parefeuille tiles! I think you did extremely well with your choice, and I would happily curl up on that heated floor with your precious kitty, if only you would let me move into your kitchen.

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Wow, Eliz! In my post looking for websites you suggested I look at attic.mag; you should have just told me to see your post!!! I love your kitchen it is absolutely beautiful!

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I think all the adj. to describe your beautiful kitchen have been already taken. I can see the warmth just oozing out of your beautiful kitchen. GREAT JOB!

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Eliz, When you posted pics of your refrigerator panel for me the other day I could never have imagined all the other wonderful details of your kitchen. I love that you designed it yourself. It is truly beautiful & so well thought out. I wouldn't be able to leave the kitchen - would have to sleep on the island! Thanks for sharing. It gives me inspriation to keep refining my plan.

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Beautiful kitchen (and cute cat)!

If one is on a dial-up connection then the address needs to be shorn of the " =slideshow " ending when one clicks on link above. That way it will load without timing out.


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Wow!! That is a beautiful kitchen. The only question is what do I do with all those cinnamon spice cabinets sitting in my dining room now that I want painted cabs?!! LOL!! There are so many features that I love but the shoe storage and widows peak are my favorites. I am sure that peak would look beautiful with a chandelier but I love it in its simplicity and to see the workmanship that created it.

What a great space -- ENJOY!!

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Gorgeous kitchen and you are so talented to be able to design and put all of that together yourself(even w/the wonderful help on GW). There is so much here to comment on, but suffice to say AMAZING KITCHEN! Just love it!

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There are so many beautiful, gorgeous, stunning kitchens on GW - but the best way I can describe yours is *welcoming*. It is just so warm and comfortable (too big to be "cozy" LOL) and looks like it's been there forever (except for the modern conveniences). I love the windows, the cabinets, the countertops, the hardware, the "stone" tile (what is the name of the exact tile? I think I'd like that instead of ceramic in my kitchen - would match the stone wall I'm still building under the front porch.). Everything! But I have to say my favorite is the hutch. How big is it? I'd love to see the new floor plan - how big is the kitchen now?

Brava, bravissima!!!

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Your new kitchen is cozy and warm, like a big hug. It's just the place for living. The corner windows are amazing. You must have a fantastic view. The peaked ceiling is brilliant! I love, love, love your kitchen!

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A charming, warm and welcoming space -- a treasure for years to come! Your photos describe your love of cooking perfectly -- and your open and welcoming heart and home too!

Very well done indeed!

Jan at Rosemary Cottage

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So beautiful and functional! ENJOY!

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Hey Eliz if you don't mind one more question. Where did you get that hutch? I love it. I have been looking for one and yours is just perfect.

Your kitchen is to die for and I know you will enjoy it for many years. Very good job.


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Thanks for the wonderful replies. It is so gratifying to know that my passion for all things cooking comes through :-).

ajsmama,the tile is from Walker Zanger. Its the small random wallstone pictured here (not on the wall, but the smaller square on the page) although this shot from our planning stages might give you a better idea of colour/texture. The hutch is 7 long by just shy of 8 tall and 18.5" deep. Believe it or not, we had six inches cut from the hutch, as it was going to be just a tad too tight under that lower ceiling. The shop where we bought it did a superb job of cutting it in three pieces so that you would never know it wasnt that size originally. I dont have the final layout here check back later tonight as I will post it when I get home. I can tell you the dimensions of the new space are approx. 15 x 21 (original size 9 x 10)

faye, we got the hutch at Horsefeathers, a wonderful shop here in Toronto. Its a constantly changing assortment of goods. We saw the piece months before starting and when we found out it could be cut down, we were sold!


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Where can I find your barstools? I have googles America Retold, I am not finding anything. Thank you for sharing you kitchen, it is awsume.

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All of my exclamations were without seeing the slideshow! Wow, wow, wow.

Now I have to add: There are too many things to love about your island to list, mostly the reclaimed top, I think, and all of your well thought-out storage. The seeded glass is a functional and gorgeous touch. I wouldn't usually want a view of the kitchen from the front door (why I added a pocket door to mine), but yours is impressive...Like looking up to a theater stage. And the ceiling! That's quite something. It would take a ginormous chandelier to do it justice, I think. It's spectacular, as is. Must look amazing from the exterior.

The evening view took my breath away. I would just hang out there at night, and probably fight back the thankful tears. You must be so thrilled...especially knowing what you had before. What great insight you had to see what it should be instead.

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I'm back.
Thank you for the info and link on the compost/garbage unit. How easy is it to use/remove/put back the compost lid? I like ones w/ easy on/off lids since my hands are usually dirty when I need to put things into the compost container.

Now I'm obsessing about that Franke Beach sink. Because of your intro to it, I'm now thinking about adding a prep sink to my island just so I can have THAT sink!

Yup, I just looked at your slideshow again. It's like my daily "luxury movie". I've even gotten my girlfriend addicted :)

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I think I've been through your slideshow 5 times already and I keep seeing new details that I love! I just cannot get over your attention to detail and how beautifully you pulled together all the different components. I agree with others who have said your kitchen is in my all-times favorite list.

Quick question if you have the time:

How do you like your Modern Aire hood? How many CFMs? Is it pretty quiet?

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Hi again -

meetmeinthegarden, we got the stools through a distributor of America Retold (through DH's contacts), so don't know where they retail, but hopefully this website will help.

(((((thanks Rhome))))) - you are my Waterlox inspiration!

luango, I'm so happy you like the slideshow! I was seriously worried about putting too much in there and in the end took some stuff out. I mean, I documented everything... you can't belive how many pix I have in Photobucket.

Okay, the composting. The lid comes off *really* easily, but because it's at the back, it's a bit of a PITA. So, what I do is use a small bowl when I'm cooking for scraps, etc, and then just dump the whole thing in at once. This is a really cute container from Lee Valley Tools that could work semi-permanently on your counter. As to the hood, we had an issue with the install (need to replace the spring mechanism) so haven't used it a whole lot. It *is* noisier than our old hood, but that thing was anemic, so not a good comparison. It's a 1000CFM, so I know noise comes with that amount of power, but figured it would be useful with the grill. I'll try to remember to post when it's fixed to answer your Q specifically.

Happy watching :-)


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erika - sorry about that - hope you saw the info about the hood in my previous post!

ajsmama - having technical diificulties with uploading my plan - email me if you want me to send to you.


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Wow. I wish I had seen your kitchen a year ago before starting mine. Warm, bright, fresh, perfect. "Well done" seems enormously inadequate.

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Oh, eliz, it's BEAUTIFUL! You must be so thrilled!

Another knock-out kitchen done by a GWer...they just keep getting better and better! Congratulations!


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After 85 posts, I don't think I can say anything original, but had to join the list of admirers. What a stunning kitchen. I can't believe you designed it yourself, you are very talented. Congratulations and enjoy.

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Holy cow! Holy cows!

I am awestruck. What a wonderful, glorious kitchen!

I cannot remember everything that I said, "ooh, that's my favorite..." but a few very notable standouts are

THAT WIDOWS PEAK--I'm pretty sure I slobbered. IT is breathtaking! Love, love, LOVE that!

Your prep sink is so darned cool. That has to be the best one EVAH! I love all the layers to it!

ALL your windows. So very envious of all those windows. That is some prime feline real estate there! My kitties are REALLY peeved at me now. Thanks. ;^)

Your bookshelves and your James Bond cookbook stash--FAB!

Your gorgeous soapstone and your island top--great waterloxing!

The whole vibe of the kitchen--just wonderful.

That shoe storage is GENIOUS! I could *almost* commit a felony for that!

I am so happy for you--it is INCREDIBLE!

(Am I panting?)

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Shelayne - LOL - your post made me smile! Thanks again to everyone who has been so generous with their praise.

Since several people have asked me over the wknd to see the new floor plan, I'll post it here so that it is part of the same thread. I'm posting the pix direct, as they don't seem to translate well in PB. The first is the drawing we had to have done for the building permits, so some of the details have chnaged; the second my final version of the kitchen (after 13 tries and lots of advice here!).

Note for those of you who are *very* good with layout software - my visio is not entirely to scale, but does gives more detail. I forgot to mention a couple of DH's favorite features in my original post: the air gap under the sink and the built in ceiling speakers!

Let me know if you have any more Q's.


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Elizpiz -
Oh my goodness! I am drooling over your bookcase. I want to copy it and redo my kitchen. :-)
May I have your permission to archive your kitchen and details in the Finished Kitchens Blog? If so please submit the FKB Category Checklist so I can categorize your details.
Thank you! And congrats on such a stunning kitchen!

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I just can't get over your gorgeous kitchen. I applaud your hard work and creativity, it's truly a work of art. Also, your photography is magazine worthy, imo, just gorgeous. I don't know what I like best so I'll just say I love it all!

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I could just watch your slideshow of your kitchen over and over-it is just stunning! Thank you for including all the details!

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Thank you for posting your floorplan. I'm going to have to study your kitchen very closely as our future kitchen will also be a U shape. Everything is so well thought out in your kitchen and it is beautiful.

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Wow! Wow! and Wow again! you did a great job. Loved everything. Your cabinets had some features I have never seen before and I have looked at a lot of kitchens , the trash pull out with the bag drawer and the recycle bin with the composting. You should be very proud, the though and work that went into your planning really shows.

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Oh my goodness! What a beautiful space! I was already in love and then saw the widow's peak! It is just lovely.
I have one ? - is the paint all the same color? It seemed like the perimeter cabs w/stove were a shade darker? I love that creamy yellow color. Thanks for sharing!

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Truly beautiful! Can you give any more details on your "magic corner"? I'm looking for a solution other than a LS.

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That is one of the most amazing kitchens I have ever seen - on GW or in a magazine. You have incorporated so many amazing things into a cohesive and warm kitchen, topped off by the stunning cupola. I don't think you even need a chandelier for that! And while I may be partial to talavera tile, I'll have to say that getting rid of your old kitchen w/mexican tile backsplash was not a bad idea! Again, simply amazing kitchen. it should win some sort of gw prize.

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Phenomenal work. It looks so...right! Perfect in every way. How great that you were able to expand outward and get such a functional layout compared with the original footprint. Love it!!

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Starpooh, I'll be filling out your checklist - would love to put the kicthen on the FKB.

Thanks everyone for your comments - I'm glad the floorplans will be helpful, Lynn!

intheville, hard to tell with all the sun that was streaming in when we took the pix, but the perimeter cabs are actually a beautiful light sage-y green with yellow tones. The colour is Tapestry and the company is Homestead House Paints.

Spincrazy, we are especially happy with our "magic corner"! Here's what the cabinet maker wanted to put in:

It was clear that we would lose space in the far reaches of the corner because the top and bottom shelf were the same size and there was wasted space. I really wanted to go with a super susan, but it wasn't going to work because of the rest of the cabinetry layout. After much conversation (and disagreement about space), the cabinet maker offered to custom build a wood shelf for both corners. These two pix show how much more we get out of those bottom shelves.

We love this solution and even he had to admit we got a lot more space! :-)

nats, I have to admit I kept a piece of that tile - can't believe we lived with it for 11 years! yesdear, when we were in the midst of reno dust and debris, your posting last summer made me hopeful - your compliment is very much appreciated!


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I also love your kitchen - the amount of light is amazing!

Um - I can keep myself from asking - what happened to the back door? The old kitchen had one but there isn't one in the new plan. Where did you put it?

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How did I miss this kitchen? Wowie zowie! Beau-teeee-ful! That sunlight makes me want to curl up and read, right on the countertop. :) Well done!

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Lulu (BTW - love your name - I have my comfy lululemon groove pants on as I write!), you're right - the back door is gone. As we worked through layout options, we decided to eliminate the door because we have French doors that lead to the backyard from our dining room, which gives us the required two exit points on our main floor.

The original layout that our GC provided was quite a bit different from what we ended up with. With our old kitchen, even though that back door did lead to the side garden (which is now gone), we found we rarely used it and haven't missed it a bit.

Judy, thanks for the wowie! and glad you like the kitchen :-)


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Breathtaking, stunning, gorgeous, fabulous! (great photography too)

Now enjoy your beautiful kitchen!

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Just taking another look at your kitchen - those are funky sinks!! I wonder if something with a draining board or cutting board would work well in my next plan - an outdoor kitchen....?

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In response to some q's about the seam on our island. Kim, as promised, here's a few pix of the seam between the wood top and soapstone end. As you can see, the seam is barely noticeable and we've had absolutely no problems with food, water, etc, because of the silicone seal.


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Absolutely gorgeous, one of my very favorite GW kitchens. The windows alone are amazing, but the well-thought out plan, and beautiful mix of industrial and vintage is really excellent. And can you tell me more about your stools? My google efforts for America Retold were very unpromising.

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I have one more question for you about your hood. I see you have the PS15. Do you have rivets on your bands and are your bands or lip polished? I cant really tell from the photo. Or are they the same material as the rest of the hood? Brushed stainless? Are you happy with your Modern-Aire purchase?

Thanks so much elizpiz!!!!

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evilbunnie, that's exactly the look we were going for! I'm so happy it comes across!

The stools - ah, the stools. Originally we were going to go with Toledo stools (as you said - both vintage and industrial) but could only find them at 1st dibs for $1200.00...each. Gulp. SO glad we found these. You can get them on-line at Iron Accents. Although they don't show this style on their web site, speak with Tara at Iron Accents and she can order them from America Retold, as they carry their full line. They are called Bistro stools and retail for $370. Here are a few additional photos to show you the cool features of the stools:

Regular use:

With back down:

The cushion covers are removable and washable. We are thinking about doing another set in a patterned fabric:

You could even have a glass piece cut out and use this as a patio table:

And the height is fully adjustable. This photo also shows the beautiful rustic cast iron material:


twogirls, here's a close up of the hood. No rivets; all the same material. We're very happy so far although to be honest the installation was incorrect so we're waiting to have it adjusted, and haven't put it to full use. The folks at MA were really nice and easy to deal - before ordering, I called them direct with a bunch of questions, even though we got it through a local distributor here in Toronto.


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Thanks for the info on the hood and closeups, that helps so much! It looks lovely in the photos :)

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Wow, beautiful! Just beautiful! I love EVERYTHING! What an AMAZING transformation! You must be soooo happy!

I don't think anyone has asked about the rooster pictures -- where did you find those? I LOVE THEM!

Thank you!

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Thank you Tiskers! And congratulations on your finished kitchen as well - it's a great feeling, isn't it?

The artist of the rooster paintings is a Canadian artist named Pey Lu. She does contemporary folk art. The link to her site is below.

Here'a a fun one...


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Hi Eliz-
Can you show a photo of the side of the island where your third chair is? I may add another chair, and trying to figure out how to make it work.


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Hey Spin -

Here you go - took some pix from a couple of different angles. Although they look sort of crowded together, there's actually lots of room. Did you see the pix above re: blind corner as well?

Trixie enjoying the view in the distance...:-)

You'll notice we put a power outlet under the island here - love that for when we're both at the island with our computers!

Let me know if you need more info (dimensions etc).


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Thanks! Very helpful!

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elizpiz, after responding to your comments on my pictures, I started browsing and came across your pictures! Wow, what an amazing use of space. Truly artistic but even better--fabulously functional. I love your prep sink, your cook book cabinet,your integrated freezer drawers, for that matter, all your drawers and of course your hardware and the widow's peak. You commented on my fridge handles but I think your's are the best! Love the rustic look. And you have beautiful soapstone. I guess I better stop or I'll just keep listing everything. I know you will enjoy that kitchen--I can easily envision it. Great job.

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Elizpiz; wow, wow and wow again. Thanks for the link! I just love your kitchen!
I am going to look into the hood. How did it compare price wise to say a Wolf?

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Hoboken, thanks so much! We are so thrilled with the new kitchen and enjoying every minute of being in it.

I honestly don't know how the hood price compares to Wolf. We were originally going to go with a Vent a Hood, and after spending some time on the Appliances Forum, I was intrigued by the Modern-Aire. Our original quote for the VAH was for a 600cfm insert (when we though we would do a wood hood). That was $925. Our MA was *considerably* more (plus we live in Canada so the cost was higher than what one would get it for in the US). But the design we chose meant we saved on the custom wood cabinetry, and we also ordered a 1000 cfm unit. I am so happy with our decision. MA was a dream to deal with (our original hood came in the wrong colour and it was no problem to get a new one) and the performance and look are both great!

If you haven't asked over at Appliances, it's worth doing that. The folks over there know their stuff.


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Gorgeous. I love it and love seeing all the details. I would be thrilled if I could create a kitchen half as beautiful and interesting!

More color questions. I LOVE the cabinet colors. Are they similar to any Benjamin Moore colors that you know of, even just as a reference point? I love the way they look with the natural wood and stone and the red!

What is the wall color? Is it similar to the cabinets?

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I just gotta tell you AGAIN how much I love your kitchen!!! I was reminded of your masterpiece when I saw your island posted on that new thread about asking how to get a kitchen to look like a CP kitchen. Well, it started me swooning over your kitchen once more! Didn't want to hijack that thread to tell you this. And although I think I told you already, your kitchen is on my short, short list of all time favorites!!! Simply marvelous.

Ok. Back to earth now. :->

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soshh, thanks for the compliments! and sorry to be late in getting back to you. Re cabinet colours - the perimeter cabs and the island are actually different colours. When we chose them we thought there would be more contrast, but the finished result was pretty close. The island is slightly darker. Closest colour for the perimeter cabs from my BM Affinity pack seems to be Splendor AF-385. If you email me your contact details offline, I'd be happy to paint you a swatch from my leftover paint for both colours and send them along to you.

marthavila, it's so funny you posted! Without a word of a lie, you were on my mind yesterday afternoon. I did my daily morning GW check in (kinda like having that compulsory cup of coffee, isn't it??) and later was thinking about what you had said on someone's post about being reluctant to post your finished kitchen pix. QUIT HOLDING OUT! I am dying to see your MA hood, your gorgeous soapstone, and all your touches! When....??


    Bookmark   May 31, 2009 at 8:43PM
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oops, soshh - forgot to mention - wall colour is close to BM Harmony AF -90 (I have left over of that as well...)


    Bookmark   May 31, 2009 at 8:46PM
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Liz, (and others who have asked) I'm honestly not holding out on posting my kitchen photos (even though I admit to being shy about it). I'm just trying to get my final "story" together. You know the kind of story I'm talking about -- with nicely organized and staged photos complete with interesting and helpful details. :-> I'm also trying to finish my pantry -- but that's turning out to be a separate project that may go on until the next millenium! In any event, I'm hoping to come clean, at least on the kitchen, within the very near future. Promise!

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Eliz, thank you for the color info. I have an Affinity color chart here so I will take a look and see if the colors are similar to what I am thinking.

Martha, I am anxiously awaiting the unveiling of the red AGA!

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Eliz, I hope I'm not asking something that was answered already but....what kind of soapstone is that? (It's perfect!)

    Bookmark   June 1, 2009 at 5:41PM
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Hi Fern - I haven't been asked that yet! The ss is called Java Black and it's from Brazil. Here's a pic of it unoiled from the supplier's web site:

and how they describe it...
When untreated, this soapstone is a light charcoal grey with fine lines. Treated with mineral oil, this soapstone transforms to a lustrous dark charcoal with a hint of green and white subtleties.

Although we do oil it once a week, for the most part we leave it "as is" (unless of course, someone is coming over who hasn't seen the "new" kitchen yet! :-). It has darkened slightly but not dramatically. I would say it's a deep charcoal grey unoiled. We love it.


    Bookmark   June 1, 2009 at 11:03PM
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Your kitchen is just amazing...a real work of art and a testament to your efforts! Just gorgeous--LOVE the WZ tile behind the stove and am looking at that for one wall of my master bathroom.

I am interested in your are you saying that the soapstone "turns" back to the light gray color after a few days? I am a huge fan of white (almost an obsession), so I am going to have white cabinets. I want to have marble but know in heart that the etching will daily drive me nuts. So I am trying to pick between soapstone because I love the light gray color and a light granite. I actually do not prefer the darker oiled color for my kitchen, so I am curious, if I didn't oil it, would it stay light gray?

Many thanks for posting and responding to all the questions!

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Wow. Just wow. Im so jealous! Spectacular!!

    Bookmark   June 30, 2009 at 8:23AM
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firsthouse, thank you so much for your kind words! If you go with the WZ backsplash, you will love it. We have been using our kitchen heavily and it looks just great still.

So, here are some pix of the soapstone. The first three are with the counters freshly oiled last Friday.

The next few after that are the same counters, after a dinner party for eight, plus our daily cooking and "wear and tear" - taken this morning (Tuesday). It's hard to tell in these photos, but the counters are actually lighter, with most of the oiling residue gone. The counters have gotten naturally darker over the few months we've been using the new kitchen; I would say that they are not as light grey as the sample photo in my post above, but certainly not as dark as when they are oiled.

The last couple show you the counters with a wipe of an oiled cloth contrasted with the "day to day" look.

Do a search for trailrunner's kitchen; she does not oil her soapstone and you can see how lovely they look (she does a lot of baking, so you can see really nice variations in the counter colour, where she kneads her bread).

cawfeegirl, thank you! I have seen your posts and know how exciting it is to be "in process" good luck!


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Jawdroppingly gorgeous.

That soapstone color (and the way you describe it) seems a lot like the Mumbai Grey I have a sample of (from M Tex).

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When you have a moment would you mind sharing with me the width across of your counter area that lies in front of your two beautiful chairs?

    Bookmark   June 30, 2009 at 10:31PM
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rubyfig, I followed your soapstone thread with interest. Did you finally decide on soapstone, then? Can't wait to see you finished kitchen - you home is beautiful!

DG, the width of the island is just shy of 42". The height from the bottom of the wood top is 35".


    Bookmark   July 1, 2009 at 10:14PM
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Eliz, thank you. I didn't want to jinx it. The end result is that the stone place offered to give us a full refund of the cost of material and install, and walk away (leaving us to remove the material in place but also free to hire who we want to install whatever we want). Tom Shadley is coming today to template for Soapstone (Beliza. I am so excited).

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Admiring your kitchen once again (can't seem to get it off my mind!). As you set out to do, your kitchen looks like it has always (or should have always) been there.

PS--if you wake up and discover your hardware is missing, you know where to look ;). Seriously, it makes the space.

    Bookmark   July 22, 2009 at 1:29PM
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Ruby thanks so much. We really do feel like the house has finally come into its own, just about 100 years later! I'm so glad it comes across.

You don't know how much I love that hardware. As I think I said on this post, it was darn near the hardest decision to make. And of coursse I left it waaay too late, thinking it would be a relatively easy choice. Ha! So happy with my finds and I will be sure to keep it under surveillance when we go an vacation :-)

BTW, I read your soapstone thread earlier today but I think I needed more coffee to absorb it all...! Pretty impressive for a fine arts major - I think you have the science geeks beat. So glad you are enjoying your soapstone. It looks fantastic.


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Your kitchen is absolutely beautiful. I love the widow's peak and soapstone counters. Every detail works together perfectly.

I am still planning my kitchen and am considering the possibility of an island. My kitchen is about 22' X 13'. Would you mind telling how much space you have in your aisles all around the island?

Thank you.

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Kodak - thank you!

Weird - I got your message in my email inbox, but obviously this thread did not show up on the GW forum (I am assuming you googled my name?). I am responding here so it's captured and I'll flag this to you in a separate post as well. GW and losing threads...sigh.

Aisle on both the fridge side and the oven side are 42.5"; we "lose" a couple of inches if you measure from where the fridge juts out and where the oven juts out. From the stove to the island it's 39.5". It is plenty of space for us (a two cook kitchen). When DH and I are cooking, no problem navigating. When we have ppl over and they are hovering close to the cooks, it gets *cosy* but still not a problem.


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