Reverse Osmosis Help Please!!

therohzJune 8, 2010

I'm having a problem with a fairly new (2+ years old) GE 3-filter reverse osmosis unit. The unit will not refill after emptying. I have changed out the filters. One of my children was playing around and let some air out of the pressurized storage tank. Some one told me that it takes 7-9 psi and I've filled it with approx that amount, but no go. If I take apart the filters and unscrew the shut-off cover and take out and put back the check-ball assembly, put it all back together, it will refill!!! But once its full, it won't recharge unless I do it all over again. Does anyone have any ideas??? GE was NO HELP. It seems like it would be a simple fix, but I can't wrap my head around it.

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When you say "3 filter RO" do you mean two 10" pre filters and a post filter or what?

What is the exact model # of your RO?

Was the RO working OK before the kid adjusted the pressure?

Was the RO working OK before you changed the filters?

Did you just change the 10" filters or did you change the membrane and/or the post filter?

Did you get the correct filters or just filters that looked like what you needed?

Let's undo the first problem and get the pressure in the storage tank right.

In order to set the pressure in the storage tank correctly there must be NO water in it. Shut off the water to the RO. Open the RO faucet and let the RO drain all the water out of the tank.

When the tank is empty set the pressure between 6 and 7 pounds. You can't use a compressor cause the volume is too small. Use a bicycle pump.

Turn on the water to the RO and wait till the tank fills.

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