Presby Septic System???

snoggle75May 5, 2014

So, when we moved back to Ohio a couple of years ago, we had no idea we were moving to a county with nightmare septic system policies. Most "old fashioned" septic systems don't pass inspection here and everyone is required to put in "off lot" systems which require a monthly service agreement and inspections every 6 months. The whole thing seems like a racket when you consider that the folks doing the inspections are also the ones who make the money off of putting in new systems and the service agreements.

So, we have 10 acres. None of our soil is acceptable for an "old fashioned system" according to our soil analyses. I think that is bull, but I've not gotten anywhere trying to fight this. We have to have a new system put in this summer or face fines. (Our old system does legitimately need to be replaced, or I'd be more annoyed.)

I don't want the "Off lot" system that is recommended ($16,000). They are ugly and the service agreement seems like such a scam. The other option I've been given is a "Presby" system. It doesn't require the monthly service agreement. It is more expensive up front though (About $20,000). I'm also worried that it won't be acceptable to the county in a couple of years since it is different than what most people have. Only one company in the county puts them in and they're a newer option, so I haven't been able to get any info about them, other than from the guy who wants to sell it to me.

Does anyone know anything about these Presby systems? Or at least know where I can get some impartial information?

Living in Septic Hell (aka Trumbull County, OH)

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