Time to replace well-pump relay?

mcguirev10May 3, 2012

I have a pretty run-of-the-mill SquareD Pumptrol 9013-FSG-2 2HP well pump relay that is about 7 years old. Tonight it stopped working while my wife was taking a shower. I went out to the utility room and pulled off the housing, it looked fine and there were no obstructions, but relays being what they are, I tapped it with the handle of a screwdriver. Sure enough, it clicked on and appears to have resumed working, switching on and off as needed to fill the pressure tank.

However, the contacts look a little blackened and worn. A few years back we had a problem for a short time with it flicking on and off rapidly caused by a loose wire, and I had always wondered if that shortened its life.

They're cheap, am I better off just replacing it, or would it just be a waste of money? If the URL below comes through, they look a lot more like the "used" image on the right than the "new" image on the left...


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Replace it.
Not worth messing around with it.

Overheated contacts will shorten their life.

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