Treats for dog with bladder stones

habagibiSeptember 22, 2009

My dog just had a bunch of bladder stones removed. She is on Science Diet C/D and the Dr recommended making her treats out of the same. She did say she could occasionally have a little bit of a chicken breast as a treat. I didn't think to ask if it was ok to put a little seasoning on it when I bake it. Like maybe a bit of garlic or something. Does anyone else have experience with this or know of any other acceptable treat?

Also, is it phosphorus and magnesium that they are trying to control?

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habagibi, I am betting that the chicken breast would be fine to her without the salt (we humans tend to think it is bland, the dog could probably care less -- its chicken!). Plus, the salt is likely not so good with bladder trouble anyways.

As for phosporus or magnesium, I honestly don't know. I bet Meghane would have a good idea of what to watch for.

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C/D has restricted protein, magnesium, and phosphorus to prevent bladder stones.

But as far as what to feed, it depends on the type of stones. If they were struvite stones, then diet doesn't matter at all. My Max had struvite stones twice, but he is on regular dog food and has not had a recurrence. That's because struvite stones are formed because of infection. Control the infection and you don't get stones. Usually requires regualar urine cultures but Max has been doing really well on Solid Gold, Natural Balance, and Eagle Pack Holistic Select diets- all of which are high protein. But it doesn't matter because I get his urine cultured every 6 months (it was every month for a while, then every 3 months).

If they were calcium oxolate stones, then I would not add extra protein with chicken. Safer to feed veggies like broccoli, green beans, etc.

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I second giving your dog vegetables for treats instead of meat/cheese or eggs.

My dogs love fresh green beans. They'll fight over them. You can also offer fruit but I've never had a dog that would eat much fruit but I've known dogs who loved various fruits so just try different things until you hit on something that your dog likes.

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