Plumbing Issue with Washing Machine Faucets

motherof3sonsMay 23, 2013

Came home from a 5-day business trip to find the kitchen floor warped and the ceiling collapsed in the bedroom below.

At first we thought it was the spigot in the garage that leaked because we just turned it on last Sunday. Further inspection revealed it was both the hot/cold faucets for the washer. The leak is where the faucet screw down/up for on/off; not the hose connections.

This is new construction approximately 8 months old with all pex lines and a manifold system.

Has anyone heard of a faucet - let alone both faucets - leaking as described? Could the fact we turned on the spigot in the garage have created some pressure?

Any thoughts or feedback you can share is greatly appreciated.

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Sophie Wheeler

If it's a correct PEX system with a homerun back to a manifold for every fixture, then no, it has nothing to do with any other faucet in the system. It is pretty peculiar that it involves both the hot and cold (are you SURE it's both?). Is this one of those prefabbed laundry reccesses that came with the valves in a package, like from Oatey? That's the only way that I would think that both could be defective at the valves. There's just no way that a plumber got two defective valves from a supply house. And, if it's the valves, and not the joins that are leaking, it's not the plumber's fault.

After the phone call to the insurace company and the flood restoration company, the next phone call should be to the builder. He needs to know about the faulty component. You should still be under the 12 month warranty that his insurance should cover for the damage. The call to your insurance company is for them to make sure he does the right thing.

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