soft paws for cats?

flowersnowSeptember 20, 2009

Anyone try Soft Paws for cats? Was just trying to see if anyone has an opinion. Thanks.

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I used them on the rear paws of my boy cat when he had a skin problems and was scratching himself raw. They worked very well and were easy to put on. He was 14 at the time, and never having had anything like that on him, I thought he might react negatively- but he didn't even seem to notice he had them on.

They come in great colors, but as I was warned, it's best to start with the clear ones because you can see what you are doing a little better (especially the amount of glue you are using).

The other warnings I've heard are about possible infections growing beneath them, and also that some cats don't shed their claw sheaths as frequently as they should, so you should check the cat's feet regularly and make sure everything is safe and sound.

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My BF's daughter uses them on her cat, and it doesn't bother the cat and does save the dog's nose.

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I've applied them to many a cat for many reasons, and the cats seem to tolerate them well for the most part. Some cats are like me and can't keep anything on their nails for a long time. Other cats keep them on all month. I've saved a few cats from being declawed with Soft Paws, so they are definitely wonderful in my book. I HATE chopping off toes.

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I bought them about 6 weeks ago and love them!! It took a couple of hours for my cat to get used to them after applying them but they don't bother him at all now. It has saved my leather couch! I am very happy and will continue to purchase them!

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I also highly recommend them! It's the only thing that really works to save your furniture from being destroyed.

My cats were not as cooperative and compliant, however. It worked best to apply them in a small room (bathroom) with limited escape routes!

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