Custom length brass nipples?

attofaradMay 26, 2013

My Hangrohe stub outs (body jets, volume controls) call for 1/2" brass nipples that end 3/8" behind and 7/16" protruding, respectively, with respect to the tile surface. Unfortunately, only one of 4 could be satisfied with a standard (1/2" increments) length nipple. The other 3 are nearly dead on 1/4" off, which is too far off to work.

Is it likely that someone provides custom length (or 1/4" increment) brass nipples?

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Brass is very easy to cut and thread.

You might be able to find an older plumber that can thread for you.

Buy a nipple twice as long as you need, cut it in the middle, thread the freshly cut ends.

It is far easier than trying to cut off 1/4 inch from an already threaded nipple and then touch up the threads.

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I found someone in WI,, that does custom length brass. About the same price as standard length at HD, plus shipping.
So, looks like I am set.

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