Nightmare with Rohl bath and kitchen plumbing.

vwgardenMay 9, 2007

I bought my kitchen and master bath plumbing from Rohl. It has been a nightmare, I paid premium price but the quality is worse than the product from Home Depot.

There is defect in Rohl kitchen faucet, the first faucet has leakage when my contractor was installing it, I had to request replacement, however two days after I used the second one, there is another leakage, there is a lot of water on the counter even if I am not using the faucet; I can see the water is leaking out of faucet. When I opened the cabinet under the sink, the bottom of the cabinet was full of water, if I didn't caught the problem in time, my brand new cabinet will be ruined.. The Rohl sales rep told me that 1 out of 50 faucet has defect

The plumbing for my master bathroom was also from Rohl. it was terrible, Two shower head broke into two pieces. I had double shower, body spray, tub and vanity faucet, the color of every pieces are so different as if they don't come from the same company, I had to have my contractor pull them off the wall, I returned all the product, bought another brand. The worst is that I had to return my bath tub because I bought a tub to match with Rohl faucet. When I was returning the Rohl bathroom products, another customer walked in, also with two broken shower head. Of course, I was told there is a bad batch. It is a shame that Rohl put their defect products on the market.

I would never recommend anyone use Rohl product.

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Would you happen to know if these shoddy products are made in CHINA? I maintain--with plenty of proof--that ChiCom mfg. quality is NOT adequate for pressure-side plumbing, and it is barely adequate for above-grade DWV. Home Depot's 'Glacier Bay' faucets are just one glaring example.

Please inform us on Rohl so I can add to my database.

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The plumbings that I bought are made in Italy, Canada and New Zealand. What is disturbing is that Rohl is aware of the product defect, however they choose to continue selling the their defect product, this is bad business decision. Instead of having bad reputation, they should have recalled all products belong to that bad batch, if it is really only that batch.

I am considering replacing kitchen faucet, do you have recommendation?

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Vwgarden first posted this message on the Kitchens Forum, but received only one response commiserating with him/her, and all the other responses saying how much they have liked the quality of their various Rohl plumbing products. Then Vwgarden posted this message on the Bathrooms forum, but still found no one to commiserate. I didn't bother responding to the other two threads, but now that I am seeing it for the third time, I too will chime in on how much I like my Rohl faucets. I have had them for close to 4 years now, and the finish looks like it did the day the faucets were installed. I have never had a problem with them. I think they are made beautifully, and my plumber did too.

Vwgarden, I am sorry you had such a bad experience; it must be so frustrating. But given the feedback so far, I think you either got an unusual bad batch, or frankly, it sounds to me like you may have had a faulty installation just from the red-flag words: first faucet has leakage when my contractor was installing it, I had to request replacement, however two days after I used the second one, there is another leakage, there is a lot of water on the counter even if I am not using the faucet; I can see the water is leaking out of faucet. In my experience, defects in faucets do not show up upon installation, but rather after some time has passed. If there is a leak at the moment of installation, IMHO something happened during that installation.

Rohl has a good reputation, and as a member of this forum for several years, I do not recall ever having seen a posting like yours about Rohl.

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Unfortunately I stated the fact about Rohl de Lux Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet, my contractor did not do anything wrong. Rohl rep came to my house on Sat, admitted that there is manufacturing defect of the cartridge for the faucet, there were made in New Zealand, the owner of the factory explained the problem to the Rohl rep last week, the plastic used in the cartridge cracks, which causes leakage. Now they changed the material used for the cartridge, hopefully the replacement material will not crack again. The Rohl rep replaced the defect cartridge with the new one on my faucet. As the matter of fact, he even offered to pay for the extra time that my contractor spent on their defect products. He has been doing cartridge replacement work quite often recently. The rep is a nice guy, I feel sorry for him having to go to customers home to fix the problem. As for the broken country bath shower head, the Rohl rep admits there is manufacturing issue in Italy. In my small local area, besides the two broken shower heads of mine, I saw two other broken ones from another customer at the same store where I bought mine. Rohl rep told me he just got a call from another dealer reporting the same shower head problem. I posted the info on different forums to alter people about the defects; hopefully less people will go through what I went through. I bought Rohl based on their previous reputation, mistake happens, that is acceptable. However Rohl is aware of their problem, they should have pulled their defect products off the market to avoid disasters at customers house, I lost confidence in their business practice.

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vwgarden -
We've just started demo. and I am now beginning to shop for plumbing fixtures for my kitchen and 5 bathrooms and 1 powder room. I've been told I need to make decisions and purchases sooner than later so the plumber knows what will go where and will have all the parts he needs, etc.

For the MaBa, we had selected Rohl "Perrin & Rowe" Country fixtures for 2 lavatory sinks, the soaking tub and the thermostatic (?) mixer and handles. Loved the traditional look with porcelain and polished chrome. Going with Jaclo shower head, rain showerhead and handheld, which the saleswoman said would match nicely. The tub fixtures and lav. sets will be able to be seen, while the shower will not be as obvious if finishes do not match exactly.

Besides being freaked out by the prices of the Rohl items, I knew nothing about the brand except the saleswoman says they are top-notch quality and an excellent investment for our "forever house."

For the kitchen, I selected the "Rohl - Lever Country Kit. Faucet w/double check valve and pullout hose" for the main sink and a different brand for the secondary sink; Hamat - Pull-out spray (Ergo Classic St. Steel)

On top of my price concerns, I am now concerned about this "bad batch" of country Rohl plumbing fixtures you say you had trouble with. I would appreciate you telling me exactly what you had, and what your Rohl rep told you, if you don't mind. I need to investigate this thoroughly before I"m willing to plunk down thousands of dollars for fixtures in brand new cabinetry.

Yes, Rohl seems to have a good rep, especially with my designer and saleswoman (of course they pad the cost w/their own percentage, so they just love it!), but I'll be the one to deal with the headaches if the quality isn't good.

If you don't mind, I would appreciate you letting me know your Rohl reps contact information so I can address my concerns with him directly. I think this could be more efficient for me, rather than starting with whoever at Rohl might answer my call and who easily might not know about your specific issue.

I completely agree with you, that for the prices Rohl gets away with charging, they should pull any inferior products. Hopefully, this has been done, but I would want to be sure before I buy. One less thing to worry about!

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I just had my very experienced plumber install 3 brand new Rohl Country kitchen sink pull-out faucets in my two bathrooms ( yes, I use so called kitchen faucets in my bathrooms, because they are longer and have pull-outs) and ALL THREE OF THEM LEAK!! The whole batch is definitely defective! I bought them in March 2007 and only installed them just now (May 13 and May 17). They already stained my brand new (real) marble with all that water leakage going on and I am waiting for the store and Rohl rep to get back to me Monday. Time spent, plumber here three times trying to find out what the problem could be and all three of them leak out of one of those little water release holes in the stem of the faucet. Rohl obviously knows about this (cracks inside below the cartridge) and sold them anyway!! Keep away from this company! Actually, I was warned by a friend of mine in St. Louis, who said that the shops there do not even want to carry Rohl's products anymore, because of all the complaints with the company's defective products.

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You didn't post which products you had purchased of ROHL's. As for me... I'm a huge fan of ROHL product. I first discovered ROHL 10+ years ago and have it in my home, parents home and have specified it for several design projects. As for you receiving a defective product, as you say 1 out of 50 (which I haven't found to be true) you may want to compare this with other proclaimed high end brands. I replaced every Hansgrohe & Grohe faucet in my home because of the quality.

I have dealt with ROHL for years and I find that they will stand by their product and replace any defective items immediately and that their customer service is amazing!

So... I'm sorry you had a bad experience but I have nothing but great things to say about ROHL.

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Hello All - As an "industry professional," I would strongly advise against most "designer" brands. Rohl would be just one of many that I would not touch.

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I have never purchased Rohl, and am at the beginning stages of remodeling our kitchen. I've purchased American Standard, Price Pfister, Moen, and Grohe over the past 10 years.
I'm the most pleased with Grohe. They not only stand by their product, but they will replace any part for FREE if you call their service dept., with the receipt in hand, and tell them when you purchased and what the model # is. I just received 2 cartridge stems for my bathroom (bought in 2001) which are about $20 a piece.
I've been told by Sales people that Rohl is a good product, but the pitch may be better than the reputation of late.
Thanks for the thread... good to hear from the public as to problems before plunking down a wad of dough. thanks

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I stumbled upon this post while doing a search, and felt a wave of panic set in. I just selected Rohl faucets for my kitchen/veggie sink, and my whole master bath in Rohl (with the thermostatic valve system, etc., etc.). I saw the OP's post was in '07, so I'm hoping (praying, really) that things have improved since then for Rohl? Has anyone installed these products recently in their home and had problems? I'd also love to hear if you're blissfully happy (which is what I hope I hear, of course, but I'd appreciate the cold hard truth, if these products have continued to cause grief).

I need to make a change quickly if I'm buying an extremely expensive product that turns out to be a less-than-stellar performer. Thanks to anyone who can advise.

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I second jencjudd's request for updates on Rohl issues, good or bad. I have also just purchased some Rohl faucets for a bathroom and almost ordered the tub/shower/valve set up today. If Rohl still has issues, I need to find another brand asap. Many thanks for all the helpful information from gw posters.

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Five years ago I purchased a number of high end Rohl faucets and a shower set with sliding rail and handshower. Within the past month a part broke in the shower head ($151 to replace), the center piece that keeps the shower attached to the rail stopped gripping the rail and dropped and swiveled out of control sending shower water all over including out of the shower stall onto the floor, and the rail has come loose from the wall. When I called this "high end," designer plumbing manufacturer about these problems I was told the following:
1. My high end designer plumbing is out of time on their measly two year warranty;
2. The broken plastic piece in the shower head is only there to keep the head from "dripping," and I don't really need it. To replace it I would have to pay for a whole new shower head listing at $151;
3. The small part that tightens up against the railing (the whole point of a sliding bar system) has a plastic piece inside the shiny chrome outside that "stretches out" and becomes useless. Replacement cost lists at $166, plus the delay in obtaining the part and the cost of a plumber to uninstall and reinstall the rail with the new piece;
4. The loose rail occurs because "plumbers" don't install the rail correctly.
My designer shower, with expensive stone bench, tile work, steam shower and other amenities is now unusable for at least a week, plus the time it takes to get a plumber out (not to mention my lost time from work looking for a solution to Rohl's defective products.
5. Oh, by the way, Rohl is still selling the same connection that "streches out" on their current shower systems.
6. No, I won't be buying any more Rohl products.

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We just completed our master and hall bath remodel last summer and used Rohl shower system, tub faucets and vessel sink faucets. We are both engineers and long time DIY type. Initially my husband and I were very impressed with Rohl. We love the look and smooth operation. However, we've been discouraged by problems we've had in just 4 months of use.

#1 - The shut-off valve for the rain shower head failed and started leaking. It was a simple fix to replace the ceramic cartridge, but $90 and 3 days to get the part. We've ordered spares in case it happens again.

#2 - We used 3 Rohl vessel faucets model 3672 in satin nickel. Two of them are beautiful and work great. The third faucet was ordered later and back ordered for weeks. We were told the production was delayed due to being made ROHS compliant. We think they must have rushed and skipped all QC checks afterward. When we first installed it I noticed a vertical line of discoloration down the front, rather like a crude weld job. It leaks a little at the top with each use and the drips of water run down the front leaving deposits. It was $700 and already looks old and cruddy. I'm trying to hunt down the warranty info. After all the remodeling, I'm not sure where I filed it.

Otherwise, the Rohl hardware is beautiful and I am hopeful that these are just isolated initial problems.

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Buying these designer brands is like buying a Ferrari. You'll be ball'n but you will also pay dearly for the privilege, both initially and maintenance.

For me, the "lowly" Delta is great. I had to use their lifetime warranty twice and both times they sent me replacements without me even having to ask. That's great service and they have won my business for life.

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I purchased the Rohl Country Kitchen Single Lever Faucet 2 months ago. It is now leaking and the local dealer swears they have never heard of this problem. I didn't think it was necessary to research this faucet which was purchased as part of a kitchen remodel. I suggest you stay away from Rohl. I had a Delta faucet before this and never had any problems.

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Whatever your enquiry may be, big or small, whether you need a plumber or a heating engineer - we are only too happy to offer our services. We are based in and cover the whole of the Fylde area, if you are interested in hiring us one of our plumber's can be with you at the drop of a hat; give us a call or if you prefer email your question using the enquiry form

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Found this thread today after extended experience with Rohls "delux" kitchen faucet, model R3810. Originally bought/installed in 2005, had to replace in under a year due to swivel freeze-up. Began having renewed issues about Apr 2011 and emailed Rohl. They advised having had a problem (did not ID what), said the matter had been addressed via re-design, and sent an entirely new unit (mfd Mar 2011) that awaits installation. Meanwhile, visited a NorCal bath/kitchen supply house this week, from which I bought substantial bathroom items in 2006. I asked the owner (long-time contractor and business owner) what he knew about issues with Rohls faucets. He said he knows the company well, including its family service reps; that the (one) problem faucet was made by Greens Industries in New Zealand (and so marked on the product box). There had been an issue with one model (apparently mine), and it had been recalled IF the product was registered (mine was not). It had been redesigned (he did not mention the cartridge, noted elsewhere in this thread) and, to his knowledge, there have been no recurring issues. Time will tell if the replacement unit I got will be satisfactory. Currently, my problem is not just that the unit will not swivel; it leaks around the top of the countertop, and down into the cabinet below (where I have a pan to collect the water). A local handyman, who likely will remove the old and install the new, says he replaced a neighbors identical Rohl faucet. Because the neighbor was not the original faucet owner, Rohl did not provide free replacement! The supply-house guy said the person should have "pushed" for replacement, and likely would have gotten it.

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my wife just bought a Rohl Verona Widespread Faucet, RA2707LMAPC2. It has not been installed yet and I am a little wary of getting a plumber to install it.
has anyone had any experience good or bad with this model?

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I have been considering a Rohl all brass fixed showerhead. Its very attractive and the plumbing salesperson highly recommends it. Its not cheap. Should I stay away? How do these compare to Hansgrohe?

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RohL ? STAY AWAY !! We'll stay it again. For your own good ... STAY AWAY !!

Our Horror story:
It begins 2 1/2 yrs ago - $425.00 later (discount price) - and now we GIVE UP.
Every 7 months, the handle begins to FREEZE up. Just a bit tight at first, then worse & worse & worse.

1st Time, we had a plumber out (separate issue) and he replaced the cartridge. Giving him tons of business, he did it 'no-charge'. He said, "these are notorious for sticking" after not too long he also told us.

2nd Time, same thing. This time, WE took it out ... and RohL gave us a cartridge (for free, under warranty) to install - our self. WHAT a hassle ... having to be w/out water while we fight to fix their KNOWN DEFECT.

3rd Time: Just a few days ago - we've HAD IT. We either want our $$$ back, or THEY can come out to fix their over-priced junk. Upon returning to the bathroom store, they suggested we take it back to RohL ourself for a remedy.
Why ??
Under "LEMON LAWS" ... you buy a junk car, and have to keep fixing that same ol - same ol' ... they have to give you your money back. But RohL ?? Here's their answer:

Pay another $150.00 -
Why? Good question !! RohL says their junk warranty requires it. That's right ... you can continue to replace the junk cartridge that will regularly continue to fail - 'till the day you die - or until you move out of the house. Replacement of the junk part is all their warranty will allow. - OR:

$150.00 - for a new faucet that "supposedly" is made with the quality that they "PROMISED" you'd get in the very 1st place - when you paid HUNDREDS more than other models that OUTLAST RohL.

Oh!! but it gets worse. We didn't want to spend 100's of hours removing our sink faucet over our life time just so we could monkey with their defective junk ... so we were pretty much forced to buy another ... just so we'd have SOME hope of not having to deal with frequently having to repair RohL JUNK cartridge failures.

But it STILL gets worse. The new RohL ???
OMG - unbelievable as it seems, the replacement is LOWER quality than the original. Our old model RohL had copper lines soldered into it. That is high quality. Copper lines can't blow out - causing leaks like plastic lines. Unlike cheep Chinese faucets that use plastic hose (with stainless jacket) - now our new RohL faucet has gone the way of the Chinese manufacturer - with cheep plastic lines. For such a high price, they couldn't stay with copper?

Also, our original RohL had the look & feel of quality. Besides copper lines, our original RohL "pull-out" faucet head was a BRASS CASTING, with chrome finish. The new one? The head was only plastic. It's so light now, it bounces around in its base. It reeks of cheapness. Yes (sigh) what a disappointing 2 1/2 year experience RohL has been. Our Jado faucets have functioned flawlessly. Heck, even Kohler faucets we've had were better ... and they're $100's less. How sad a testimony this would be if their founder saw what his product had become.

We Google'd the words "RohL" and the words stuck / sticking / frozen and found we are NOT alone. Lots and lots of others suffer the same fate. I guess RohL is hoping you'll move before the problems start, so they can avoid the warranty all together, because the warranty only runs to the original owner. That trick works if you move is suppose.

With such a disappointing - lack of concern for customer satisfaction, I predict RohL will be out of business withing 5 years (being generous here) or they'll sell out to some Chinese manufacturer. That'd be the best scenario, because if they just go under? .... good luck trying to find a replacement cartridge if that happens.

We wish our opinion was higher - but we'd feel dishonest if we sugar coated it. Sorry in advance, if you buy one anyway. Oh ... supposedly, they're now made in the U.S.A. - but I'm guessing that may only apply to final assembly. Again ... just our opinion. Good Luck.

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We're jumping on this thread late...

Perhaps this will be helpful.

Ordered a Rohl kitchen sink faucet and had our plumber install it this morning.

When he turned the water on to the house the faucet was on at full volume. You cannot turn it off. You cannot get hot water to come out of it and you cannot get the vegatable sprayer to work. Nothing comes out of it.

We called Rohl and without hesitation they said that they would send out a new cartridge and diverter. It will arrive in "two business days." My plumber said that in 12 years this is only the second time he has seen this problem from a brand new facet straight out of the box.

The faucet is pretty and solid/weighty. Just completely useless at this point. If we had it to do over we'd buy a Kohler or something else. I feel like I wasted a ton of money- thinking I was buying the best, but actually buying defective junk. Can't wait to pay my plumber to come back out to install the new cartridge/diverter. Sinking feeling that the replacement part might not fix the problem...

Buyer beware.

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