Brulee... anyone!!

klseiverdDecember 7, 2011

Don't have one of those cute little torches... picturing BURNS!?! Watched Good Eats this morning and Alton made lasagna in a CROCK POT!?! Interesting, but not for me. Too deep... bottom half would pretty much miss out on the gooey/browned cheese on top. No corners or near burnt edges... favorite parts.

BUT at the end, he layered on the shredded mozz and melted/browned it with a HEAT GUN!?! The tool ya use when you're stripping PAINT!! So I get brilliant idea! I dust of heat tool in craft room... for rubber stamp embossing. Put some of my rice pudding test (thanks again to all for their input) in small baking cup, sprinkled with raw sugar (white would surely work, too), and had at it with the heat tool... looks a little like a small hair dryer. Didn't go as quickly as seems to on TV cooking shows, but sugar melted, bubbled, browned, and resulted in that CRACK ya want when you stick a spoon in. Et Voila, BRULEE!!

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Oh yes, it works.

I have one, with two settings. You can also use it to brown meat.

It is not expensive. About $15.00 at HarborFreight.


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I wish I'd thought about my heat gun when I made creme brulee and had no fuel for the torch. I put it under the broiler. Meh.

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All I can say is that is a much funner use than chipping old linoleum off a cement floor!

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I used the propane torch I had (lost it in the flood) for plumbing. It's $20 here. Got it at Lowe's, but since it was already on hand... that made it easy.

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