Help with family room furniture arrangement

mrs.iceMarch 29, 2014

Our kitchen is open to our family room which has a corner fireplace. I have been rearranging our furniture since we moved in over a year ago. My dilemma is that I would really like to see our fireplace because I think it is a focal point in the room and is pretty and obviously can't be moved. The TV is where all the outlets are for cable/music system so that would be hard to move and that is the location my husband wants for it. I feel rather stuck on what to do. The best feel layout is having the sofa along the left wall with the love seat perpendicular to mimic a sectional but I feel like we are blocking off the fireplace too much. New furniture is on our list of wants just haven't settled on what we want and when to spend the money. Our couches are not that old and we I would really like to try to make it work with them for now. Although I know they may be to bulky for the space. We are open to a sectional and/or a recliner, and actually I had debated the idea of just a love seat and 2 comfy chairs. Also to note I do not like the idea of the couch on the window side because I don't want the windows blocked by it. Yesterday I moved it all around again and put the love seat I'm between the windows and the couch coming out perpendicular like a sectional but angled and although that works for TV viewing and allowing sight to the fireplace I feel like the long wall looks too empty.
I'm going to see if I have any other pics to add to show other layouts also.
Sorry for such a long post! And thank you in advance for any suggestions and ideas.

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How about moving the couch over to the wall on the right looking at the photo, then move your table and chairs to go in the opposite direction meaning turn them so the length is opposite what it is now. Place the table from the right wall in front of the window. At least it would give you a view of the fireplace. If you could post a photo from inside the living room looking out of the room it would give a better sense of how the room looks.

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Thank you for your response! Sorry for my delayed repy. I will take more pictures tonight and upload them.

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Another one...excuse the mess on the floor. My dog everyday decides she needs all her toys out and I am in the middle of organizing the shelves in the TV stand. I did move the couches: put the love seat between the windows and the couch further back going horizontal.

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