Wierd outdoor faucet has little holes that leak!

estreyaMay 9, 2008

Hello, everyone! I've got an outdoor faucet that i think is either broken, missing a part, or not functioning properly. Part of its design is to have a "collar" of small holes built into the metal part that water flows out of during use. There's some kind of plastic piece inside as well. Pictures follow:

This faucet has been the bane of me. I've tried everything, except something that will effectively seal the holes so water will flow directly into my garden hose, and not all over the place. Does anyone know what i'm dealing with, and how to solve this problem? It's a terrible waste of water ...

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It's an anti-siphoning faucet. I think there are 2 possibilities.....possibly the white plastic piece is supposed to move under water pressure (when you turn the water on) and seal the holes from inside. Or, there is a piece missing that would screw on to the end and cover the holes. You might gently grab the white piece and work it back and forth to see if it is free. If it's free then that's probably not the problem and you might have a piece missing. And unless you can find the missing piece I think you might have to replace the faucet.

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Wow! At least i now know what it is! Thank you, coolvt. I hope i don't have to replace it. I won't know how to go about doing that, and it's the last thing i can afford right now. Still, it's a much used faucet (i water the plants from that faucet), so the wasted water is a very bad thing. I'll try to wiggle that white bit and see if it sort of shifts back into place.

Thank you!

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Yeah, it's just your vacuum breaker. I can't tell exactly what brand of faucet that is, although it looks kind of like an arrowhead. Usually you can just unscrew that vacuum breaker on the front and replace it for a few bucks. If you can't unthread it you're definitely replacing the whole thing.

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Your stuck with replacing your hose bib if you can get it to work, since the vacuum breaker is intregal with the faucet.

Many of the newer ones are on the top and able to be serviced. Some people use the standard hose bibs and add the vacuum breaker if required or enforced such as a Watts #8.

Not that it matters but it does look like a Arrowhead or possibly a Prior.

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Ron Natalie

Actually, the little part with the holes may unscrwew exposing the diaphram, but getting the parts are near impossible. I opened mine up but even the largest supply houses in the area didn't have the things I needed. Yes, I replaced it. Took the time to add an interior shutoff for the blasted thing so I can make sure that the water is out during freeze season.

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OK ... so after getting squirted in the face with water several times ... my report is ...

It's broken. :)

At least i think it's broken. I wiggled that white piece quite a bit, and i can even sort of pull it forward (though not out entirely), but it still squirts water. Is there something behind that white piece that's just broken? Or if i fiddle with that white piece long enough, will it snap back into place? There's also a wire corkscrew thingie that moves freely with the white piece as well.

I'm drenched and very frustrated, and i really don't want to have to replace this whole thing. I wouldn't know how to go about doing that, and my purse starts to quiver at the mere thought of calling a plumber ...

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i too have this same faucet and for a month now have wondered why it leaks so bad.....i just took a good look at it today and saw those little holes.....WHAT ???? anyway i covered them with plumbers tape then screwed my hose back on there and it stopped the spraying leak. now mind you i dont believe this would work with a regular metal hose end like my roller has but my hose has a large plastic connecter( for easier tightning) and it butts right up to the wall of the spicket. hope this helps

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