Finished Conestoga Kitchens?

jterrilynnMarch 12, 2010

Hello, all I am in the bid part of my kitchen phase. I have a price from Medallion and am now going in another direction...Conestoga Wood specialists. I have read nothing but good and have heard they are cheaper than Scherr's and are exceptional quality. There was no listing in the FKB for Conestoga but I think there are some here that have used them. Would you could you show some pictures and share your experience?

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The cabinet box business is fairly new for them I think. They have been supplying drawer fronts , doors and other finished decorative items to the industry for years and years.

I don't think they have ever been known for cheaper, bargain, or "deal" priced work.

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Yes, I know you are right about Conestoga not being bargain or deal cabinetry. Although for those who order "unfinished" it is a way to get higher-end at a reasonable rate. And, I have read that their RTA boxes are some of the best you can buy. Personally I do not have the energy of my youth and would not consider a large scale paint/stain job of "unfinished" but my husband and I would be willing to put together the wood RTA boxes if there was some savings on that end. We will see...estimate will be in shortly and IÂm anxious to see the price comparisons down the road after a few more estimates from similar quality name brands.
I wish some of the people on the older posts would have posted Conestoga pictures as I could only find one. I would love to see some finished painted by company kitchens here as well as stained (doing both).

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Casey has Conestoga cabinets pictured in this thread. Scroll down

Here is a link that might be useful: oak cabinets

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Thx im 2 lzy...

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sombreuil, your kitchen is lovely!!!

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We redid our kitchen in our last house with "custom" cabs by a cabinet maker who used Conestoga doors. I thought the quality was wonderful and the door design choices were plenty.

Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: my cabs

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Sabjimata - beautiful cabs! Can you tell me what type of finish you have on the marble backsplash? My monitor let's me see that it is beautiful but I can't make out the finish.


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Because the OP was asking for reviews of boxes as well as doors and drawer fronts I have not responded. My custom cabinetmaker purchased the doors and drawer fronts from Conestoga. They then built the boxes, stained and finished the cabinetry. A few of the door fronts were very custom pieces. I am happy with Conestoga's work.

The panels will be supplied by the owner. Foil is temporary.


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Very nice Sabjimata, IÂm afraid to get too excited about getting some nice quality cabs, hopefully I will get my quote today. IÂm doing some stained and some painted, I only have an 8Â X 10Â wall upper cabs can go on so IÂm stacking. I have a quote from Medallion (I like their painted doors in my price point) for $13,000, cabs only and the construction/install was pretty reasonable on top of that.

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Judy, lovely kitchen!

The marble backsplash is polished carrera. It was great and impervious to staining. But we did end up sealing it when we had a small prob with the grout staining. We sealed the whole thing.

It wasn't terribly shiny in real life.

Good luck with the cabs! Keep us posted.

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Thanks, sabjimata. I love the sink and backsplash in your kitchen.

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Oh IÂm so excited! Conestoga came in well over $6,000 cheaper, finished/paint/stain, with all the bells whistles and then some. I do not have a shipping rate yet though. However, for the non-painted cabinets IÂm getting Cherry as opposed to maple, the boxes are all wood as opposed to other and IÂm getting nice wood drawers as well. The premium craftsman line is a big upgrade on what I was looking at with other cabinet brands in my price point. Some of the cabs will be painted in paint grade maple (that part is the same). So, I may even swing a big china cabinet/built-in/wet bar on the other side of peninsula to solve the rest of my needs and ditch the unused slightly decrepit baby grand. Yes my husband and I will have to put all the boxes together but he has a master wood worker at work just incase and it will all be worth it in the end. We do have much experience at DIY but we were younger then, luckily we know people in the trade if we need to hire some work. Looks like I am finally getting a kitchen!!!
*cotehele........LOVE! Thank you for sharing.

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jterrilynn, I am so excited for you and can't wait to see pictures! Please keep us updated.

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jterilynn, great news! Our old kitchen is turning into a laundry room. I was thinking of using IKEA, but would consider something else if the price was affordable. Let us know how you like Conestoga.

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I will let you know cotehele. I'm dealing with "Chad" from CabinetMakersChoice who really seems wonderful to deal with. I'm going to order my samples today and hopefully get the master wood worker/cabinet maker at my husband place of employment to look at my order soon. Even though I have had years dreaming and planning I know there is much to the little things.

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Jterrilynn, since it's 9 months later, I'm guessing by now you have your new cabinets? :)

I too am looking to purchase Conestoga cabinets probably by next May/June.
I already ordered 4 frame doors this year that I painted "SW Antique White" to match the other wall cabinets I painted.

My lower cabinets I am replacing totally and want to go with Walnut. I'm thinking to finish them myself since I've finished furniture many times over the years.

I bought the doors from another company that sells Conestoga and only got a price for 2 cabinets I want to buy to extend my island, so don't know what all the lower cabinet choices I will make will cost yet.
Since you said yours came in at $6,000 cheaper, I'm starting to get excited lol.

Did you post pictures of your new kitchen yet and I missed the thread?

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That last post was over three years old, so the OP may not be around any more. Easy to miss the year on the date.

We purchased grey painted Conestoga cabinets from Cabinet Authority a few months ago and could not have been more pleased with the quality and service. Planning to order from them again when we are ready to do the bathrooms.

We haven't posted pictures yet because we are far from done. Still need toe kicks, light rails, UCL, crown mold, back splash, etc. We're very slow DIY-ers, with full-time day jobs so this could take us months. I can take a couple pictures tomorrow in the daylight though if you're interested.

We moved our old cabinets into a storage/laundry area and want to paint them ourselves some day. Your paint job looks great. Did you spray them or roll them? Any hints to share?

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I purchase Conestoga from Brian at The Cabinet when I have $$. They make the most beautiful beaded inset face frames!

Shop around. He came in less for me every time than the Cabinet Authority. Plus, he was willing to do some weird ordering with me whereas CA was not. Their loss. I WILL be ordering more from Brian.

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thanks for replying :) Happy New Year

I didn't order the doors from either CJ or CA.
I found Northern Granite and Cabinetry and somewhere I saw stated they were the lowest price of all Conestoga cabs online.
I know if I wanted to replace a 42" high by 30" wall cabinet unpainted the cost with no doors since I already purchased them to do the glass was between $200-250 with shipping.

I just sent him a list of 8 cabinets with 4 of them being mostly drawer cabinets in the Walnut with Chestnut stain.
Will see what it comes back at.

As for the painted cabinets :) yes, I did spray paint them.
I originally rolled them with a foam roller and didn't like it. Sanded them down enough to smooth them out and bought a Graco Truecoat Plus II and sprayed them all. What a difference.
I had decided to paint my center island a pretty light green called SW's sea salt and will be getting a walnut wood counter top on the island.

The lower cabinets around the perimeter I am doing Walnut.

Here is the other side of the island that I bought and painted the tongue in groove beadboard. This picture shows it not all painted, but I have since painted it. Just waiting to install the baseboard after we add the 2 end cabinets this year sometime.

I know what you mean about doing things a little at a time. For us part of it was money, and the rest was having nice weather no wind that I could spray paint them outside initially. I did most of the painting July and August when I didn't have weekend art festivals. Sept through Oct had no weekends to work on it.

I still have some ideas I am not sure which way I will go for cabinet choice, but hopefully some of you will help with any recommendations if you have done the same or seen the same elsewhere :)

PS: how do I get the actual photos to show in the post like I have seen others do?
I tried code I usually do on other websites like [img] [/img] but that did not work

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Your kitchen sounds very pretty, I'll look forward to seeing more pictures. Good luck!

I've linked to some info on posting pictures on GW.

We have Conestoga RTA cabinets and drawer fronts, and have been very pleased with them.

I'll admit it took a very long time to install everything! We did have our builder hang the uppers and do most of the trim work, which was a huge help.



I like Brian too at the Cabinet Joint. (Hi Christine, Happy New Year!).

Here is a link that might be useful: Posting pictures on GW

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thanks :) I checked the link and what it told me to do is what I had already done. I have them posted on a photo website that I own and run, so have used it to link photos in the past, but mostly on vBulletin run websites.
I just went into my admin area of my website and found where if I turned on html code, I get the easy link.

Still need to paint the inside of the right wall cabinet

Will be getting a walnut counter top for the island

Part of the beadboard painted, now finished but waiting for the new cabinets to add on the ends.

Here is the other side of the kitchen with the table and our new light. At the time I took this, I still didn't finish painting the top right corner near the door :) but finished that now.

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