Need help quick finding natural gas line to bury

c9pilotMay 30, 2007

(repost from the Kitchen forum)

I hope someone here can help!

Our local plumbers here in St. Petersburg, FL can't find the 3/4" natural gas feed line that we can "bury" in our concrete slab for the island installation for our 36" Wolf AG range sitting in the garage.

We need a 22' section with male connectors for underground installation, PS-II "tracpipe" by Omega (according to DH, who is away on travel for work), or something like that.

Our renovation is at "all stop" until we find this line.

Any ideas? We are new to the area so I don't even know where to start.

Lisa A.

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Even if you find it you cannot direct bury a gas line under a structure or under a slab.

All gas lines under a structure or under a slab are required to be sleeved the full length of the run. The sleeve must be sched.40 pipe two nominal sizes larger than the gas line and the sleeve must be sealed on the inside end. The exterior end of the sleeve must be sealed to prevent ground water from entering the sleeve and you must provide an above ground vent. The vent must rise vertical from the sleeve, then turn 180deg so that the opening is pointing downward and the final opening must remain a minimum of 4" abovefinished grade.

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I'm not sure what this means.
We already have gas to the house for the water heater in the garage. We are extending it up through the attic and then down into and then under the kitchen for an island range.
This is what the county said to get for it; we just can't find it unless we order 100' roll at $7/ft.

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