Toto flapper

bus_driverMay 5, 2012

Yesterday was the first problem with my Totos now in use for 7 years. The chain lift pulled out of the flapper. No easy fix for the failure. Some sellers ask almost $25 for the flapper. 3" flush valve. Korky, Lavelle and Fluidmaster make flappers claimed to work on the Toto. After looking carefully, the Fluidmaster #5403 was my choice. Priced a little under $11 (plus tax) at Lowes. Works perfectly. Ingenious adjustments to fit different toilets. I believe that it will be more durable than the original.

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Still a bit pricey IMHO.

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What have you found that is both suitable and available at a better price?

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Designer toilets = designer parts prices... just the way it is.

Does seem that the engineers at Fluidmaster are made to actually use what they design so their stuff works and their prices are as reasonable as possible.

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I have Toto toilets and have used Fluidmaster flappers all along. Around $5.00 at Home Depot. Spares hanging in the garage.

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I'd say that, if the replacement lasts 7 years, that's a depreciation of about 3 cents a week versus maybe 2 cents a week for a cheaper version, so it shouldn't be a big strain on your budget!

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According to the HD website, they do not offer the model 5403 Fluidmaster flapper. And the ones they do offer are for smaller flush valves.

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As it does with many other people, price does affect my purchase decisions. Why pay more than necessary for a particular item? But even though the nearest Lowes and HD are near each other, I go to Lowes first. Lowes location is fairly easy to exit and then go either direction on the public street. HD can be exited in one direction easily, but the other direction is a nightmare. And the easy direction leads away from Lowes. Going to HD first makes going to Lowes afterward difficult. It does affect my choices.

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