Cambria prices per sq foot? + Cambria vs Home Depot/Lowes quartz?

Kristen HallockMarch 12, 2013

I know all Cambria prices are the same regardless of color and regardless of edge. But what is the average price? I am in New England (Vermont).

Also does anyone have any info about the quality of Home Depot or Lowes quartz countertops? I really really love Cambria (had it before in my old house) and I have my eye on their new color Berkeley. But DH is all about cutting costs and supposedly the quartz at Lowes is $50 or $60 per sq foot. I have 71.33 sq feet of countertops in the new kitchen. And I really like the selection of Cambria. I'm wondering how much more Cambria will cost me. Last time (2005) we had a small kitchen and I think the cambria price was around $5000. This time my kitchen is much larger so I am a bit worried myself.

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We have 55 sq. feet of counter and were quoted $5053 for Cambria (including instllation but not tax) and $4508 (including installation and tax) for Hanstone Aspen in Ohio. Both quotes included all drilling/holes and a stainless steel sink, but no backsplash.

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Mine was just over $80 per square foot, installed. One cutout, no seams, eased edge, DC area.

Below is a thread from a few months ago...

Here is a link that might be useful: Cambria estimate thread

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For 66 sq ft I was quoted $4220 and $7800 for 2 cm Cambria for the same layout material, laminated edge, cutouts and layout. Shop around.

Regarding the big box pricing, the price per sq foot may not include extra charges for certain features like cutouts. They also usually have adders for most edges, whereby a fabricator may have a different pricing structure.

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Molly Phillips

In my area, the Cambria quote was $1800 more than the Home Depot quartz. As the pp mentioned, I did have to be careful that I got a correct quote from HD, as they upcharge for 3cm vs. 2, each sink polishing, extra for a rainbow shape in my peninsula, $250 for each hole drilled (for soap dispensers, filter faucets, etc).....see what I mean? Have your DH know exactly what you want to get a quote from them so you're comparing apples to apples. It may be a battle you can win. :)

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I just read the link that fouramblues started and it was a thread I started after I got my first quote. Going back and reading my post I listed my sf wrong, I actually have 43 sf and so it was around $120/sf including installation, sink and tax. I went to another place and they quoted me $123/sf ( not sure what it included, he just emailed a number with no explanation to what it covers).

After that I have gotten another quote for hanstone aspen (including tax, installation, and sink) it came in at $4275 so just under $99/sf. I like it a lot but like the cambria just a little more... So for over $1000 difference probably getting hanstone.

I really don't understand the cambria quotes I've read, some are so low, others are around the 120 mark like mine, I thought that cambria does the fabrication at their plant so I wouldve thought it would more similar in prices around the country. I live a few hours away from where its made so I guessed it would be a little less but I guess I was wrong!

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It is high here and the company is local to my state! When I asked at the cabinet shop the "fancier" patterns were more than the plainer patterns. It was around $110-120/sq ft.

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We just had 92 sq feet of Cambria Bellingham installed in our Southern California kitchen last Thursday. Mitered edges (2-1/2" on the island, 1-1/2" on the perimeter), sink cut out, six holes cut on site for two faucets, air switch, soap dispenser, mockett and another grommet) for a total of $5976. All beautifully fabricated, with the slab pattern continuing from horizontal to the vertical plane. The price also included plywood underlayment for the 2 cm material, plus two 18" by 12" pieces to use as matching trivets. The company we worked with specializes in Cambria, and they have full slabs of many of the patterns on display in their showroom. Seeing the full slabs in person was what sold us on Cambria. After reading many of the quotes in this thread, I feel even more fortunate to have found our fabricator. Needless to say, we will be using them for our upcoming bathroom remodels, too.

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Kristen Hallock

Thank you! $5976 for 92 sq feet of Cambria sounds promising!

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Key thing to remember when shopping around: Cambria's warranty does not cover poor fabrication or installation. You should get references and see jobs before committing to a company. Fabrication is key on any job..... There are bad fabricators and good ones. Lowes and Home Depot don't fabricate their own, the subcontract it out.

"This Limited Warranty shall apply only where Product is properly fabricated and installed in the United States of America or Canada for residential or
commercial interior use only by Cambria approved Installers and Fabricators and only where Product, including floor tile, is properly installed for residential
or commercial interior use only, subject to the exclusions set forth below; is used for its intended purpose, and is maintained and used strictly in accordance
with the Cambria Product Care and Maintenance Information, which are available within this Limited Warranty document and on the Cambria website at"

Here is a link that might be useful: Cambria Warranty

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I have to look what ours cost - but our installer was awesome. I had my doubts when the first slab fell in the truck about 5 miles from our house -but they were excellent.

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I'm also in MN and just down the road from the factory. Cambria was quoted at about 50% more than the opalescence and delicatus granite we are getting. It worked out to about $75/sq ft. I was disappointed to learn the price is that high. It's a heavily used product in these parts, looks great. But we prefer to save the 2K and get granite.

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I'm still impatiently waiting for a Cambria (installed) price from my cabinet maker. I'll be calling him in the morning with another nudge! The longer it takes, the higher the price gets in my head - especially after a thread like this!

It's the last piece I need before signing the contract and getting on his schedule - it ill be so much easier to wait for my new kitchen when I have a time frame.

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Kristen Hallock

I've talked to 2 kitchen places. one said $85-$88 per sq foot. The other said $88-$90.

Is there any hope of bargaining with them?

DH is adamant that if Lowes has quartz at $50 per sq foot, that's what he will spend. My Cambria is about $2500 more. He thinks its foolish to throw away $2500 on more expensive countertops. But I visited a cambria display today and I am totally in love with the Berkeley color.

So now if I can save $2500 elsewhere he is willing to go along with Cambria. it that would probably mean nixing my Bluestar range + hood. I could get a Bertazzoni instead I guess and I'd be $1800 closer to my Berkeley counters. Arghhhhhhhhh......

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The Cambria I ordered is $85 a sq ft installed. It was $2k higher than granite, but I fell in love with the Bradshaw. Hubby finally agreed--even though he thinks it is a waste of $2k. My vote counted more on this decision.

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I ended up paying $3200 for 55 sq ft of Cambria Dovedale.
2.5" mitered edge, farmhouse sink opening, plus 5 holes for faucets, dispensers, and garbage disposal switch.

The cabinet/kitchen guy and the countertop guy were brothers.

And their cousins were the electrician and plumber.

I got a packaged deal using all of them.

I would consider getting a counter-depth fridge instead of built-ins, the least expensive Miele dishwasher instead of the TOL I got, a countertop MW instead of drawer, and an Electrolux wall oven instead of my Gaggenau. And dump my warming drawer.


Hello Ceasarstone or Silestone.

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Wow deeageaux! That is an awesome price!! I am jealous.

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I don't know about quartz but with granite Lowes/DH have alot of extra charges that can end up making their granite more expensive. Get an actual estimate in writing.

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Cambria is moving towards a "Lexus model" as the local distributor called it. There will be regional distributors/fabricators who set an UMRP, but also a minimum level of competency and service as defined by the manufacturer. They are doing this because the #1 complaint with the quartz industry has nothing to do with the product, but the fabrication and service during the process. With the company creating national standards of expectations for their certified installers, the smaller "attended only one class" fabricators are being squeezed out because they are required to buy whole slabs, and thus their prices are going to be higher than the regional authorized distributor/frabricators. Those distributors will stock large quantities of product, and be able to sell projects by the square foot used rather than the whole slab.

The UMRP pricing will be regional, just like Wolf/SubZero. And just like Wolf/SubZero, local buyers will not really be able to purchase product or services from outside their region. The price that you get locally will not vary more than about 5%, and will slowly stabilize to the desired minimums. But the service level will also stabilize, and you can expect that the person doing your project will have the best high tech equipment to fabricate your kitchen properly, and will take good care of you and your home during the process. It allows everyone to KNOW that when selecting Cambria, the project will be done right with zero headaches.

To that end, my local Cambria distributor/fabricator has been in business for 15 years. He has NEVER had a callback issue with any of his Cambria projects due to defective installation. Or to an actual defective product either, for that matter.

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I finally got my Cambria quote: $3450 for about 35 sq ft, installed. My cabinet maker got the bid; it's an installer he's used many times before, and our cabinet maker has the best reputation in town.

I didn't shop around for prices on other quartz products, because DH and I haven't seen anything that we like nearly as much as the Cambria Somerset that we first fell in love with. I bought a 12"x12" sample, and the more I look at it, the more I like it.

We're saving money in other areas of the kitchen, like not replacing our 24-yr-old appliances until they die (which probably won't be long). So we decided to splurge and get the countertop we really liked.

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Does anyone have pictures of their new countertops/kitchen?

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Classyelegance, I agree! PLEASE show us some of your Cambria kitchens! :)

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Mine should be in by the beginning of August... I promise I'll post pics!

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Full disclosure: I am a fabricator so my opinion is possibly biased.

You are almost always going to get your best value from a fabricator or cabinet shop vs. a Cambria reseller or a big box store. Heres why:

1. Big box stores work agressive pricing with their fabricator suppliers so there is room for them to mark it up and still have a reasonable price per square foot. In order to make money at the pricing they can get from the big box stores the the fabricators necessarily minimize the shop labor for fabrication. The resulting product is usually still decent but well below the quality level of many fabricators. I once visited a high school friend that had purchased quartz tops thru Home Depot. He was thrilled with his tops and I didn't have the heart to tell him his edge quality was crap (full of lines from worn CNC tooling) and the install was mediocre at best.

2. All of the various quartz surface brands are made on production equipment purchased from the same company. Consequently, the difference in material from one brand to the next is minimal. Given the material is esssentially the same brand to brand the company doing your fabrication and installation becomes the major determinant of your satisfaction. Very large fabrication shops necessarily have a volume approach to dealing with their customers and fabricating the product. Not bad, just not the same level of attention and service you can get from a 1st rate fabrication shop. I've no doubt there are very large fab shops that do a sterling job educating their customers and proactively working the myriad of details involved in a kitchen project. I also know that would be the exception rather than the rule. The advantage to the "factory" approach typically is lower pricing. However, in countertops that is certainly not always the case.

3. The Cambria model is predicated on their premium pricing which is often $20 - $30 per sq. ft. above what is available for other quartz products from various sources. The idea that Cambria installers are something special is belied by the frequency of complaints you see on this forum. Additionally, given the "factory" approach if you have unique design components you are probably going to be disappointed. IMHO the only time Cambria would be worth the substantial premium is when you simply must have one of their colors that is not matched or approximated by another supplier.

4. Another factor is whether or not the seller you are working with has both natural stone and quartz or only one. A quartz only supplier is going to sell you quartz, ditto for a granite only shop. As a consumer your best option is a qualified supplier of both that will take time time to explain your options and the differences associated with your material options.

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90.00 per sq. ft. installed was my estimate from a local kitchen shop.

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Just came back from IKEA. They have Cambria (Color Groups CA, about 45 different colors) for 79.00, including template, fabrication, 1/4" rounded top/bottom, installation, up to 3 faucet holes. Midatlantic/DC area.
Caesarstone and Silestone range from 67.00 to 115.00 with some promotional colors for 49.00.

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deeageaux, where do you live??? Awesome deal.


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I forgot about this thread! I posted a reveal, but I might as well put Cambria photos here too. It's been in for a month, and we love it! Yes, I have a 4" backsplash, MW on the counter, and DW not next to the sink - but it works for us.

It's Cambria Somerset, 3cm, 1/4 round top and bottom:

I've never had an undermount sink before - boy, I didn't know what I was missing!

There's a seam in there somewhere...

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I thought you also might enjoy a pic of what a quality seam in Cambria looks like. This is one of the reasons that choosing the correct fabricator is so important. And it's one of the reasons that Cambria moved to the Premium Distributorship program. They can control the quality of the fabrication and the total customer service experience.

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Look closer.

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Closer still.

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Now you see it! Cambria Parys.

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Well I spend some time looking for Cambria priced right. Unfortunately if you are on the East coast in New England like me, you are out of luck. The price for any color is the same and is around $80, but if you live in California you are in luck! you can get it installed for as low as $48!!! It's ridiculous that I have to pay almost double, I guess I should just move to LA :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Cambria $47.99/sq. ft installed

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I want to use the Cambria Parys for my bathroom vanity. The size is 24âÂÂx75â with the overhang, plus the 4â backsplash which will be about 8 LF with 2 under mount sink cut outs. My contractor said the fabricator would have to order a full slab so my cost would be $2300. Does this sound right?

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Your math is wrong. You have around 16 square feet of counter in the vanity and splashes.

24x75= 1800
24x 4= 96
24x 4= 96
75x 4= 300

You're not dealing with the local authorized distributor/fabricator if you have to buy the whole slab. You need to find out who that is, and have your contractor deal directly with him rather than a third party who has to buy from him and buy whole slabs. The distributor/fabricator will provide better fabrication, service, and you only have to buy what you need. Even though prices are somewhat regional, I'm about $300 cheaper than your quote because my clients only have to buy the square footage that they actually need.

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"1. Big box stores work agressive pricing with their fabricator suppliers so there is room for them to mark it up and still have a reasonable price per square foot. In order to make money at the pricing they can get from the big box stores the the fabricators necessarily minimize the shop labor for fabrication. The resulting product is usually still decent but well below the quality level of many fabricators."

While I admit the big boxes do beat up their fabricators, they make their money with the leverage they have with manufacturers whether it's Corian or Cambria. When you are buying slabs by the boxcar, acrylic or stone, you're going to get an exceptionally good deal.

I worked several years for a big box fabricator and the work was all first rate; I'd match it against anyone's anywhere.

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I would go with Home Depot, you have the big box store reputation to fall back on. Plus the time frame and cost is really straight forward.

My Cambria experience was terrible. Communication with customers was took 3 months to get the slab and every week they said it was coming in two weeks. Over and over again. 3 months without a functional kitchen! With Home Depot, you know the time frame right up front.

2 weeks after install (yes, only 2 weeks after I waited 3 months!) it cracked on the corner!! Cambria customer service came out to take a look said the install was fine and that I did something wrong (alluded to me putting heat or weight on it, which I did not). They still refuse to fix the problem.

All-in-all I wish I purchased big box store who cares about their reputation and has the customer service to back it up. My parents are happy with their LG quartz from Home Depot.

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