Thinning fur

lily316September 1, 2011

I have four cats and know the ages of three of them but not this cat. I rescued her 8 or 9 years ago when she appeared in my yard pregnant and horribly thin. She was friendly and sweet. I put food out and opened my carriage house door and garden house for her to find shelter. After she was absent for a day, she appeared.. much thinner still. It took me two weeks to find her babies under a neighbor's porch. I put her in a carrier and got the three babies and brought them inside to my upstairs away from my other cats. I fostered them and then the two boys went to the same family, and I kept mom and lookalike daughter..both Torties. Nellie, the mom was thought to be 8 years old or so back then by the vet, so I'm wondering if this is an age thing. She doesn't have bald spots, just all over thinning and her neck looks scrawny. She has not lost weight and eats well. Is this because she is just an old gal?

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I have found that old cats - and sick cats - get like that. Are you sure she hasn't lost weight? That usually accompanies the scruffiness.

Have you thought of taking her to the vet?

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Thyroid problems can cause hair loss. Has she had a checkup by the vet?

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I checked my records and weighed them all today. She weighs exactly what she weighed 6 months and a year ago..13 pounds. And I found the year I rescued her..2002 and she was 7 or 8 then so that makes her around 16 or 17, I guess. I was glad to see she hadn't lost even a pound, but Henry now weighs 24..up from 21. Everyone else is around the same. Actually last July Nellie weighed 12.6 . She might be due for a check up to see about the thyroid.

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lily at that age I'd just get some blood tests done to make sure she doesn't have a health problem going on. She's at an age where kidney or thyroid problems are common so I'd rule out health issues first.

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