Does this spoon/spatula utensil exist?

Madeline616December 20, 2012


x-posting in cookware.

I recently bought the All Clad Deglazing Spoon. It's basically a basting spoon with a straight edge, what some refer to as a "spoonula." Here's a link to the pic--you have to look closely to see the straight edge:

It's a great utensil, but it's really heavy and the shape of the handle is pretty uncomfortable. I'm wondering if anyone knows of another one like this that's on the market. I was surprised that a Web search turned up nothing, and BB&B didn't have anything, either.


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Honestly it looks pretty contrived to me. Looks awkward to be used as a spoon, and while it'll scrape as good as any spatula it's not well suited to flip stuff. In this case I think two tools are better than the combination.

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I have a spoon spatula that Gina gave me, although the one she gave me has a wooden handle and a soft silicon spatula-spoon. I use this spoon-spatula all the time and love Gina for giving it to me! I recommend that everyone get one.

For what I understand, a spatula is for scraping and a "pancake turner" or turner is for flipping things. Is that how you mean spatula? Some people think a spatula is a pancake turner, but I don't use it for that.


Here is a link that might be useful: Plenty of spoon spatulas

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Just to clarify, I have/use/like a silicone spoonula similar to the ones that Lars posted. It's $35 metal one that Madeline posted that I'm not feelin':

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I don't think I would like the metal one either and agree that it just appears contrived. Here's what the one Gina gave me looks like - the spoon on the right. I have no idea where she got it, but fortunately she also gave me the other two spatula-spoons pictured, but the one with the straight end I use the most.

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Thanks so much for the responses! Publick, your set of silicone tools looks really useful, I appreciate the info and the pic.

So I guess the actual name--Deglazing Spoon--is a way better description than my misnomer of spoon/spatula or spoonula. As Publick mentions, it's definitely not for turning or flipping.

I have the All Clad Deglazing Spoon in the pic, and it works wonderfully for deglazing and scooping sauces (like when making a stew or soup, and really deglazing in general, as the gravy spoon is part of the unit).

Anyway, it's great and I really love it, but it's just a bit heavy and the handle is super uncomfortable, so it's awkward.

I'm hoping to find one just like it, but lighter and not quote so substantial.

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Years ago Ikea sold a spoon made of some kind of polycarbonate which had the end cut off straight. It's not heavy but quite rigid and is perfect for jam making etc because you can scrape the bottom and the spoon is tough enough not to break as I have had wooden spoons do under the weight of the heavy jam. They don't sell them any more though I check every time I am in Ikea as I really wish I had bought more :-). At the moment Ikea has a lighter weight polycarbonate cooking spoon with a straight front edge. I bought one though I haven't tried it for jam making yet.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ikea spoon, comes in black also

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Last year Christy got me this bamboo/wooden spoon set from Rachel Ray. The set includes a bamboo spoonula with a straight edge. It works very nicely. Also included in the set is a bamboo handle silicone spoonula with the straight edge too. I use both pieces a lot and like them. Actually I like all the pieces in the set. The spoonula and spoon have nice deep bowls on them.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rachel Ray bamboo set

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My favorite shape! I have a pretty large collection, made of various materials. The silicone type I love for baking and stirring sauces. I have a couple in metal, bought at a restaurant supply store....good for big jobs. The wood works well too but the edge is too thick for some jobs.

My everyday favorite for cooking is made of melamine. It's light weight, comfortable and my go to for making gravy, scrambled eggs, stir fry, almost anything in a pan that I need to stir. Last time I ordered six... they last a few years for me before you get tiny chips in the plastic...then I just toss...hey, they are cheap!


Here is a link that might be useful: Rosti Scoop Spoon

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Here is my set for deglazing.


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Know anyone who works with wood? Spoons are SO easy to make. They could easily make you one with a straight edge and a more comfortable handle, if you let them know what you want.

A friend has a Pampered Chef mini whipper--it's like a tiny whisk that's got a disk that would be parallel with the bottom of the pan--that she swears is the best deglazing tool.

I have a tool I made--it's wood, looks like a pancake turner (which I also use it for). I cut the corners so they're the same curve as the bottom edges of my saucepans, so it's great for deglazing as well.

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Thanks for all these responses!

Dcarch, that spatual looks it hard like metal, or just a dark silicone?

Azzela, thanks for advice. I could definitely fid a woodworker, I'd just need to make sure they can make it really thin at the edge so it functions like stainless.

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Nancy, that spoon looks great. Darn, the shipping is over the top.

Too bad Hawk is no longer on the CF, he is a brilliant bird carver and makes great spoons too.

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Madeline, that is a silicone spatula.


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