How can we get the puppy to stop eating poop?

betsyhacSeptember 18, 2009

He eats the cat poop and pig poop out in the yard. Gross!

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The reason they eat the poop is that there is undigested food in there...So, do you leash walk your dog, or does it basically hang out in the yard all day? Do you have a schedule with your dog or no?
First suggestion leash walk your dog outside the yard 3 times a day 15 minutes walks at the very least. Next figure out which your dog hates more, toothpaste or tobasco sauce. Go get a small tube of tooth paste and a small jar of tobasco sauce. You must catch your dog in the act, dose your pup minutes or hours after he eats the offending material will do you no good. Tell him NO, Leave it, and dab a very smal amount of toothpaste or tobasco sauce on his tongue. Took my dog three times and he has not picked up anything since.
Most important, go out every day three times a day and pick up after your animals, not only will your dog stop eating the poop but your yard will smell better and your animals will be healtheir as a result. Good luck

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A friend of mine had two dogs. The little one would wait for the big one to poop and yum, still warm, so gross, never let him give me kisses anymore. She read somewhere that feeding your dogs canned pumpkin (not pie filling) makes the poop taste nasty. It worked for a while, but she didn't keep it up.

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The good ole' penny can worked wonders for our puppy back when she was getting into just about everything. Just don't let her see you throwing it because it will then become a toy!

We only used it in extreme circumstances like: grazing the litter box, digging holes to find moles/voles, getting too interested in electrical cords. I dog has always had the run of the farm, so in the beginning we had to watch very closely to correct bad habits in the beginning.

Our experience with this correction is that it only had to be used one time for each offense.

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There are many different reasons dogs eat poop and sometimes only certain kinds of poop. Cat, rabbit, and goose can be like candy to certain dogs. Some dogs eat their own poop or the poop of other dogs they live with, it just depends.

Sometimes giving them stuff like pineapple, pumpkin, tabasco sauce, or even the pet store pills/powders like Forbid can work, but usually the dogs don't care or can even like the extra added garnish.

Human toothpaste should not be given to dogs and is not meant for dogs or humans to swallow. Most dog toothpaste is supposed to taste appealing to them so you can brush their teeth. So I'm surprised this would be a deterrent. However, just like with the poop all dogs have unique dislikes and likes when it comes to taste.

The best solution is to pick up the poop immediately. If it's not possible to clean up the poop, then you should try to avoid letting the dog into the area with the poop. This may mean that you will need to take the dog on walks instead of letting them loose in the backyard. You can try training them to stop but it may be behavior they revert back to if the training stops and your not outside to correct them.

It's important to limit contact because other animals can carry parasites and bacteria that could be transferred to your dog and or even to you- if your dog eats some and then licks your face.

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when i bought our shih tzu pup I was told by the breeder that they often eat their own poop, well I was so thrilled when it never happened. but at about 12 months old she started digging up cat poop outside and eating it and she goes nuts when the cat uses the litter tray. I banish her from even going into the room where the litter tray is so she just runs up and down the hallway outside but doesnt go near it and as far as digging up the cat poop, I really only got through to her one day when I got cross with her because I told her off and as soon as my back was turned she was back at it again.

since then she has stopped, but in the past I would wash her face and brush her teeth with doggy toothpaste when she did it because it smells god awful! I think trying to get through to him/her that it is not allowed when you catch them in the act is all you can do, just like any other training. To us it is so disgusting but to them it's a yummy treat :^/ my pup was told off several times but it wasnt until I let her know I was VERY serious about it that she even paid attention. Ive also heard that putting Tabasco on the poop can work but with cat poop being buried you dont even know where it is so you do have to catch them in the act.

I am very easy going with my dogs and I can put up with just about anything but eating the cat poop drove me nuts!

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My first german shephard never touched his own stuff. But give him access to kitty almond rocha and he would feast. So disgusting!

My second shephard eats everything, starting with bark outside. Then he discovered his poop. We trained him outside on a leash to where we wanted him to go. We would say Potty Now and he peed. Now he pees on demand- kinda cool. He is almost a year and pees in same part of yard. He also poops is certain areas if we take him there first. Again, used leash to take him there.

We tried the cayenne pills and they worked but it took a long time to get in his system and expensive. So we just started scooping after a fresh one before he could get to it. He would not eat out of the scooper so that was good. Somehow, one day he just decided to stop. Probably at 8 months or so.

Then we went on a hike and he discovered sundried cowpies. Yum, those are his favorites. Not sure if he likes hiking to be outdoors or because he anticipates his pies!

Teaching the leave it is a good thing but stong willed dogs will still eat it I think. I really think scooping it each time is best bet and eventually they outgrow it. As for the kitty almond rocha, not sure if they EVER outgrow the love of that.

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