Great cat video

pamghattenSeptember 20, 2009

Thought we all needed a chuckle ...

Here is a link that might be useful: Crazy Water Cat

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Gee, and we thought Feliz was a little strange for using the shower stall floor as her "watering hole"! Cats will amaze us without even trying! Thanks for posting the link.

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I loved this video and sent it to my husband! I loved how the cat kept looking around the house like he might get in trouble if caught! Ha! Thanks for sharing!!

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A very cute video...but it caused me to recall behavior of my late cat,Cecil,that turned out to be a symptom of kidney failure: He started being obsessed with his water bowl...putting his paws in it, splashing himself and the floor, rolling in it, then licking the water off his body. Let me stress that this was a change in behavior in an older cat...but in the beginning, I attributed it to cute feline hijinx.

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Best laugh I've had in a while!

Thanks, Pam.

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