New Frontline

beaglencSeptember 27, 2012

Has anyone tried it?

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spedigrees z4VT

There is no "new frontline" but frontline's patent has expired and generic flea/tick control products containing the same active ingredient (fipronil) are now on the market. I've used one of these generics (fiproguard) on my dogs, and it has performed the same as frontline brand (because they are the same). Fipronil is fipronil.

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There are a variety of healthier options for flea and tick control. Pesticides can sometimes cause more harm than good. Essentials oils are excellent. Lemongrass, lemon, lavender, and eucalyptus all repel fleas and ticks. Lemongrass repels mosquitoes very well.

Drop about 2 drops of lemongrass therapeutic grade essential oil on the dogs collar. For full body coverage put a carrier oil, such as almond oil, and drop about 5 drops of 2 or more of the above essential oils. works like a charm!

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Thanks for the replies. The new frontline has tritak in the name, supposed to kill fleas faster.
Laceymarie, where do you get the essential oils from?

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As a veterinarian I see a LOT more essential oil toxicity (particularly in cats) than Frontline toxicity (which I have never seen once, though heard of in rabbits). Not only can marked skin irritations occur, but some cats actually get quite ill if essential oils are applied to their skin and they groom any of it off of them (causes a lot of vomiting, depression and can supposedly cause much worse, though I have not seen a cat die of these products). Also, I have not noticed any effectiveness with most in repelling fleas (seen some pretty stinky dogs, reeking in Eucalyptus oils, covered with fleas still). I cannot speak for repelling ticks, but ticks are notoriously more difficult to repel than fleas so I suspect they are nearly as useless for that purpose as well.

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lzddr, my first thought was omg I hope people don't think it's ok to put essential oil on their pet's collars. Thanks for posting your take on it.

laceymarie, I agree that flea/tick meds aren't something we want to apply to our pets, in fact I only use flea preventative when absolutely necessary. But essential oils applied directly to a collar, esp. undiluted, can be quite dangerous. According to this website, cats are extremely susceptible to poisoning.

This website reminds us that natural remedy's can & do build up in a pet's body over time, so every time an owner applies them, they're increasing the load on their pet.

I did see many more articles promoting the use of essential oils/natural treatments, but all were selling their product too. Folks, PLEASE do your own research on what you're going to put in or in your pet's body, they don't get a choice here.

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