My Kitten is fat... does it have worms?

lotussenshiSeptember 5, 2009

Hello all!! I found this kitten bout 3 months ago. I took it to the vet and he told me that she was roughly 6 weeks old (yeah i know to young..) but she was able to be kept. So i had him give her the shots required and stuff so that she is healthy. I started off feeding her soft food cuz she was so young. Then after her teeth got stronger (i judged that by the strength of her bites) i switched her gradiaually over to hard food. I been feeding her meow mix kitten blend. But after a month she started getting kinda fat. I thought it was cuz she was eating to much, so i monitored her feeding habvits and just like people, she will come to the kitchen when i make food and sit down at her bowl and begin eating shortly after i begin eating. So i know she isn't eating that much and at night before bed i put her food up (Found that if i dont put it up before bed she will dump the bowl over and play with it in the middle of the night)

So now im starting to think that she might have worms. My vety is a grumpy old man and all he said was "Its normal for your kitten to get fat. You're fat shes just mimicking you" Yes, he really said that to me. But im thinking maybe she has worms? Any advice or insight?

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Hmmm, might she be pregnant?

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lotussenshi, if she had worms she would be skinny.

If she isn't pregnant, and really getting fat instead of just gaining kitten weight, then my guess is you are over loving her with food.

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I suggest you find a different food. The food you are buying is full of sugars and not the best food for your kitten. I suggest Natural Balance or some other premium food. Meow Mix and most cat foods you find at the grocery store are paramount to feeding your pet junk food. Get a food without meal without maize or corn and low on grains. Good luck with your new charge.

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I suggest a different vet with better "pet side" manners.

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How are her BMS? Many years ago, my adopted stray had a litter of kittens, and they all had worms. I could see them in their stool and in their mothers hairball barf. I sort of do remember some bloat in their bellies.

Giving a feline de-worming meds therapudically is no big vet had me give my current cat (adopted as an adult from the ASPCA)de-worming meds just in case the loose BMs she was having at the time were caused by worms.

Ditto the dietary advice posted above. And I agree that you should try another vet if possible. They get paid for addressing your questions and concerns...not for making wise-a-- comments.

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well shes way to young to be pregnant, and since i got her she hasnt been outside for any long amount of time, except when i took her to the vet then to my gfs for a couple days. Well, ill switch her food and hope that evens her out some. if its kitten weight then she got alot of that lol
thanks all :)

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If she's really got a big abdomen, then I'd see a *different* vet, especially given the fact that she's a stray. She could have worms (very likely), or she could have FIP which is fatal. She could have severe low protein either through loss in GI tract or kidneys. She could be in heart failure from a congenital defect not picked up on the first visits.

As an aside, I deworm ALL my puppy and kitten patients at least twice without even checking a stool sample, because 99% of all puppies and kittens have worms. In a stray puppy or kitten, the rate is probably closer to 99.999%. If they have diarrhea, I check a sample but deworm regardless of results because you don't see worm eggs in every sample.

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#1 Get a new vet
#2 Get her dewormed and then a follow up worming ten days later. Make sure it includes all types of worms including tape. Some only cover round and hook.
#3 Transition her to a QUALITY food. If you can buy it at a grocery store, *Mart, department store, or big box store you DO NOT want to feed it to your pet. If it has color you do not want to feed it. Even though they say they are premium, they are not, they have tons of filler the cat cannot digest, mostly it turns to fat or, if your lucky, just goes through. The best rated foods are Wellness and Natural Balance, PETCO sells both & PetSmart sells Wellness. Feed both dry and canned. Mix canned equal parts water & food and warm in microwave. Most cats do not get enough water.
#4 Play with her - get her a laser light, da Bird, toys on a stick and play at least three times a day at least 10-15 minutes - that is your job as her mom!
#5 Get her a friend so she has someone to play with when you aren't home.

Good luck!

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