Please help! Faucet placement error in bathtub

lezli_2010May 28, 2011


We are building a new home. The plumber and I had a bit of a misunderstanding, and as a result, I now have three holes for a deck mount faucet drilled through the top side of my acrylic tub -- in a very awkward spot. The faucet needs to be moved if I'm going to be able to get in and out of the tub safely, but unless we can fill the holes, or cover them, or ?????, we will either have to live with it (not much of an option) or buy another brand new tub and have it reinstalled ... mega bucks we don't have!!!!! Anyone have any ideas? I hope .. I hope .. I hope ...


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I'd contact the tub manufacturer to see if they have blank-off kits to match the tub finish, or, lacking that, a recommendation as to how to cover or fill the holes in an appropriate manner.
If you got the tub from a distributor, they should know.

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I'd try to learn to live with it instead of buying a new one. Are you completely convinced it's a safety issue, or is that influenced by the fact that you're unhappy it's not in the right place? I've had remodels where a few things weren't done right and it seemed a big deal at the time...later I didn't notice it.

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