16ga TopMount Sink

tk-3March 6, 2013

I've been looking for a 16 gauge top mount kitchen sink (double bowl) and just when I think I've found one (Ticor TR1800) it looks like Ticor might be out of business. Can anyone recommend a manufacturer that has 16 gauge top mount sinks available? I know 9 out of 10 people will recommend an undermount sink (and there are plenty of options for those) but I would really prefer a top mount as I like the extra protection on the countertop edges.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Here's a Ruvati sink. A couple of people on here have been very satisfied with Ruvati sinks:

If you would consider 18 gauge, you'd have several more options. 18 is considered perfectly fine for sinks, although personally I chose 16.

New thought: why not just get the Ticor? They're still available and it's unlikely you'll need to return it past the first time you open the box, providing that you're planning to install it soon. If there were actually a defect, the seller would take it back.

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Thanks suzannesl! I actually looked at the Ruvati site but passed over that model since the surround looked so narrow I thought it was an undermount - but now that you pointed me to it, I think I like the 60/40 style better than the Ticor (and you're probably right about Ticor going out of business not being a big deal anyway).

I also ran across this sink from www.emoderndecor.com linked below...

Wondering if you or anyone else has ever heard of or dealt with this brand/site?

Thank you!

Here is a link that might be useful: 60/40 16ga Topmount

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I don't have an overmount sink but I have a Ruvati undermount sink and I am happy with the quality. The emoderndecor sink that you linked to, what is the brand on it. Looks like a white-box sink. I would be wary of those.

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Thanks dennisforman! Another vote of confidence for Ruvati...I'll probably go with that one. I can't find a manufacturer for the emoderdecor sink, I'm guessing it's just their house brand.

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All of the Chinese sinks were hit with a massive tariff this year. I believe in the 60% range. That's why Ticor basically is kaput. Many others have also had to close their doors or raise prices significantly. Since they receive subsidies from the Chinese government, they were in effect "dumping" those manufactured goods here below their production costs.

The legislation was designed to level the field in pricing between the dumped sinks and the American company versions. Elkay was an industry leader in promoting the new tariffs.

Depending on how you feel about "buying American", you may want to check out Elkay or other American brands as they should not be that far from any of the Chinese produced products now.

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