New Way to Cook Turkey

jasdipDecember 21, 2011

It was just focused on our new program of a new stand-alone roaster. Infra-red cooking that will cook your bird 8 minutes per pound. Stuff the bird and place it vertically in the roaster.

Looks like the same size as a deep-fryer, called The Big Easy

They cooked a turkey and did a taste test and got flying colours.

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I find it interesting that they bill themseleves as an oil-less deep fryer. Below are reviews that are all in one place online, several websites, not from Charbroil (the makers).

Here is a link that might be useful: The Big Easy reviews

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I have to laugh in reading their information.

I think it will probably cook a turkey alright, but I don't think it will do a better job than many other normal cooking methods. It has nothing to do with frying a turkey, which is a different recipe altogether.

There is no such thing as "infrared" technology. Your regular oven, toaster, roaster all cook with infrared. Nothing is new there.

It is very wrong to say that infrared ray penetrates. It does not. Infrared stops when it hits a surface. X-ray penetrates, and microwave penetrates.

Forget it, 8-10 minutes per pound is questionable. Sounds good , but works out not that much better than the normal way. 16 lb comes to 160 minutes, that is more than 2 1/2 hours.

The Big Easy is big just to cook a 16 lb-turkey, and then it is not "Easy" there is that big LP tank to go with it.

I don't see any safety interlock/consideration. If you turn on the gas and don't light it up quickly, as you know, LP gas mixed with air and ignited can make a spectacular explosion.

Cheaper? 21,622 btu per pound of propane, you have about 11 lbs in a tank, the Big Easy burns at 16,000 BTU. Imagine cooking a big turkey in a Big Easy, if it uses up you big tank of gas half way cooking, you will be in big trouble.


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