Reliability of old gas valve?

grandmumMay 22, 2012

I have an older nat'l gas valve in my crawl that control a grill that is not used. I want to turn it to the off position but I am leary to do so because of its age.

Its about 30 years old and is a quarter turn handle valve that looks to have oil packing and a nut on the other side of the handle.

My experience with old valves is once they are moved they leak. Do these oil pack valves have a tendency to leak if they have not been used in many many years if ever?

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Most natural gas valves are reliable, although I've had more of an issue with these valves not providing positive shut off than leaking around packing.

Always cap a natural gas line, don't just rely on a closed valve when doing temporary servicing of appliances, etc.

To ease your mind, I would turn off the valve, and then test for leaks around the valve and packing with soap water.
Put some dish soap and water in a spray bottle or swab on with a brush or rag. You will see bubbles if it's leaking.

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