Ordering cabs today - should I swap out a drawer base for a door?

Kristen HallockMarch 15, 2013

I am ordering my cabinets today and am still slightly freaking out about little stuff.

I have all drawers in my new layout. with 3 2-drawer Pot/Pan drawer stacks. I am not sure if cutting boards and baking pans will fit sideways in those drawers. I think they are only 11" deep? Not sure though.

So, should I swap out a drawer stack for 1 door cabinet that can house some cutting boards and cookie sheets? I think if I dont I could store them over the fridge, but then again I am only 5'2" and that could be a huge pain for me.

I am thinking either the 15" cabinet next to the dishwasher or the 24" cabinet in the corner to the left of the range. WWYD?

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I like having some vertical storage in my lowers. See if they will give you a shelf in there, so you can store things horizontally, and maybe get two rows out of the cabinet.

I have my baking sheets stored vertically above my ovens. And all my cutting boards are vertical in the island.

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Have you found a home in your various drawers to hold your pots & pans, dishes, and utensils? If so, then, yes, I'd use the cab next to the DW for cutting boards, cookie sheets, etc. Laying them flat in a drawer will be a pain while you will congratulate yourself on deciding to stand them on edge in a cabinet.

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I have only one lower door, and I keep my stand mixer and food processor in it. It does not have a shelf in the top. I keep cutting boards and cookie sheets next to the lazy susan in the corner cabs, which would have been wasted space.


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Have you gone through the exercise of what will go into all your drawers? I'm wondering about those two 36" 2-drawer bases in your prime real estate by the range. Will you stack all your pots and pans? Or will you put dividers in and store pans sideways? If stacked, you'll need to lift out all the other pans to get to the bottom pan. I like having the pots in the drawer in a single layer with their lids in place so I can just grab one quickly. I don't like picking up a heavy stack of glass baking dishes to get the lasagna pan. Also, won't you want a shallower drawer next to your range for gadgets, spoons, spatulas, wraps, etc.?

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Kristen Hallock

Yes, pots & pans are taken care of. I think I will switch that cabinet. If I dont I will be kicking myself.

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I just saw your other thread which discusses drawer storage. Your plan for what goes where sounds really uncertain. Pin it down before you order so when you unpack in your new kitchen, everything has a home. I had my kitchen put back together in no time. Of course I've made a few changes since.

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Kristen Hallock

Well in my last house we had a 2-drawer stack of pot/pan drawers and I loved that it fit my really tall stockpot. So that is why I did 2 drawers on the side of the range. I did them the same because I though symmetry might matter? Maybe it shouldnt and I should change one of them to a 3-drawer stack?

Right now we have most of our big spoons/spatulas in one of those ceramic containers on the countertop.

Should I switch one stack to a 3 drawer?

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You could have the 2D front on the base next to the range for symmetry, yet it could conceal 2 drawers. Several GWers have posted pics of that type of scenario.

I can look for pics later if you're not familiar with what I'm talking about.


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Kristen Hallock

tmy_jax - thanks for that idea! I think I will do that. That would give me 1 deep drawer with dividers for my frying pans and maybe lids, and 2 deep drawers for regular pots like stock pots and then 1 shallower drawer for pots that arent deep, and then a skinny drawer for either oven mitts or things like soup ladles, spatulas, etc...

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Glad to help.

For a visual, see post by mudworm on Fri, Nov 2, 12 at 16:30 in the thread below:

Here is a link that might be useful: Previous thread

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Symmetry besides the range matters to me! But I was pretty adamant about not designing an entire drawer based on one item. You've designed four drawers on a stockpot.

I put my stockpot in the cabinet over the fridge. It's my deepest, tallest cabinet, and I don't use a big stockpot very often.

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