1.75 GPM for kitchen sink faucet

nycbluedevilMay 2, 2012

The faucet that I want to buy only has 1.75 GPM. The one I have now is 2.2 and I can tell the difference from the older one which had even more flow. Will a 1.75 GPM faucet seem slow when I want to fill up a pot?

The faucet is by Waterstone. They are in California and they conform to the California water conservation requirements. Any idea if there is a flow restrictor in these that I could remove?

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IMHO, stupid restriction. I would do what I thought best.

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If you're sufficiently agitated, get with your local newspapers and find out which/whom of your CA legislators actually live with the restrictions they've imposed on everyone else.

I'll wager you'll find every single one of them has full-flow showers and kitchen faucets along with using softeners and bottled or RO water in their own homes...as well as their 2nd and 3rd homes. Please do tell me if I'm wrong about that.

Sort of like the anti-gun legislators/governors/mayors that have 24/7/365 armed guards around themselves at all times. Or, maybe that's a stretch.....but not much of one.

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So I live in NY==Waterstone is located in California.

Is there anyone that can answer my question?

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Not having the faucet, I can't answer you directly.

That said, most codes now require that the water saving device not be easily defeated - such as simply removing the flow restrictor.

Nobody but you can answer your question of if it will seem slow to you.

Although I'm a proponent of saving water, the kitchen sink would be one of those places where it's more likely to be filling a sink/pot/etc. than running down the drain.

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If a pot takes 4 gallons to fill ...

2.2 gpm = 1.818 mins at full flow.

1.75 gpm = 2.286 mins at full flow.

That's 0.468 of a minute difference. Total of 28 seconds, bit less than half a minute.

Maybe my calculations are all wet, but seems like a non-issue.

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Thanks Dadoes. I am pretty math-y so I wonder why I didn't think to do the math myself first!

I would typically be concerned about filling a two gallon(8 quart) pot at most so I guess the difference would be 14 seconds. Not huge, so I think I could live with it. I just hope it would not feel weak for washing dishes, etc. I guess that's where things are headed, though, if not already there.

Too bad we get no choice in this because we really are environmentally conscious and pretty careful about water usage despite the fact that we don't pay for it directly (our apartments are not metered separately).

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To put the math in perspective for the ladies...

1.75gal = 7 quarts a minute

Now see how many quarts your cook pot holds.

i do not eat fast foods, take out foods or go out to eat. Everything I eat is made from scratch and I do my own cooking and I have a 1.75gpm faucett that is not a problem for me.

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"To put the math in perspective for the ladies... "

Wow! Pup! you did not really say that!

Sexism aside, sounds like the Pup's place is where we need to go for a home cooked meal.

When's dinner?

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Dinner is at 6pm

I'm afraid its not gonna be much tonight cause I am feeling a bit lazy...LOL

A small side salad, lettuce, tomato, onion, green pepper & home made ranch dressing.

Stuffed baked chicken breast

Twice baked potato with garlic, chives and aged cheddar cheese

Corn & lima bean succotash

coffee, tea, iced tea or rootbeer

I have to apologize for the lack of desert, but Jan says I am too fat

Oh, by the way, I am making ten chicken breasts, what we don't eat tonight will go in the freezer, so feel free to stop by, theres plenty here

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Great! See you then. I'll bring my homemade fruit salad for a healthy desert.

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3.5 seconds extra time for a half gallon. I can accept that.

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Hello, so I'm wondering if you got the Waterstone faucet...how was the pressure and flow? Any chanceit was the 4100?


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