Kitchen faucet drips, but stops once it is turned on and off

amav31May 17, 2014

I have a single handle kitchen faucet that was installed 4yrs ago. Recently it started dripping. But if I turn the handle up and down(on and off) the dripping stops.
So It does not drip constantly, but still it is an annoyance because I need to lift the handle up and down more than once to stop the dripping. My question is, is this a problem with washer/threads or should I replace the entire faucet? This is the second time I had to replace with a new faucet because our previous one was also doing the same thing and I did not care to repair it. Just replaced it and now in 4 yrs it is back to dripping.
Please advice.

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Likely new washers. They only cost a buck and replacement is a 10 min job compared to a lot more of both for a new faucet. Take the opportunity to inspect what's going on-- are you getting mineral accumulation or particulates that are causing the leak? Perhaps not much to be done about it, but at least you'll know. A washerless ceramic disk faucet might help in the longer run, but they are a lot more expensive than a couple of O-rings every few years.

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You will get a better response if you identify the make and model of the faucet. There are too many possible causes to just guess in the dark.

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