Could Frontline have made my puppy sick?

lori316September 8, 2008

I have an 18 week old Lhasapoo. She is 2.5 lbs and seemed very healthy when I got her from a coworker.

I purchased Frontline Advantage for puppies 7 weeks and older, and under 10 lbs. I followed the directions and applied it Thursday afternoon.

Friday when I left for work, she seemed to have dry heaves, but otherwise was fine. When my son came home, he said she had vomited several times and was lethargic (my word). She perked up when he took her outside. She seemed a little quiet the rest of the night but otherwise okay.

Saturday she vomited constantly and didn't eat anything. She was extremely lethargic and if she did walk, she seemed to stumble, almost like she was drunk. I brought her to an emergency vet Saturday night and they admitted her to put an IV in. They kept her until mid-day on Sunday and she came home much better, happy to see us, acting a little quieter, but otherwise almost her normal self. We were told to continue with the antibiotic they gave us and feed her just baby food and sugar-water. She held that down but this morning began vomitting again. Again, she's lethargic.

I'm really worried because she's so tiny to begin with. If she's not better when I get home tonight, I'll take her back in, but in the meantime, any suggestions?

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Sorry to hear your new pup is so sick. There are a hundred different reasons your dog could have gotten sick, could she have eaten anything? Did you vet draw blood for a panel? She could have a genetic need to ask our vet about this. I have not ever heard of a puppy getting so sick from a Frontline application but I suppose it is not unheard of (heck people are allergic to just about everything under the sun) My suspicions rise towards a genetic problem or she ate something she which made her sick. A puppy that small - it does not take much to make them very very sick. Hope she recovers fully and you find the culprit and are able to keep her healthy

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Yes, your dog could have gotten sick from this. It's poison that enters the dog's system, when fleas bite them, that is what kills them.

Years ago when I had two large dogs, I used the stuff as directed. My dogs loved to play, which also meant mouthing each other. Little did I know, that they mouthed the area where I applied the stuff. That night, both dogs exploded all over my wall to wall carpet. I have encountered may experiences with lower G.I. issues, but this took a prize.

No more flea treatments. I keep my dogs clean, no flea problems.


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I'm confused by your statement of using frontline advantage as they are 2 different products. Are you saying you applied both?
Anyway If the product somehow got ingested it could make the dog sick, but with a pup it could be anything. What tests did the vet run and do you have any of the blood values taken ( if any) with you that you can share here?

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Until you know for sure what is causing the problems, you need to make your home as "green" as possible. Not only will it be good for your dog but it could help to make the air you breath in your home healthier too.

Avoid kibble with wheat and corn listed in the first four ingredients. She could have a food allergy.

I do not put anything on or in my pugs that would harm a human, that includes pesticides that are absorbed through the skin. Fleas were all over my house (and us) until hubby installed a central vac system. Haven't seen one in over 25 years. So a really good vac could work wonders.

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Where did you purchase the product and what is it exactly?

What are the active ingredients?

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Thanks for all your responses.

I actually meant to say that I used Frontline, sorry.

I can check the ingredients and packaging when I get home, although I'm positive of the weight and age ranges.

When I got home last night she wasn't much better, so I brought her to my regular vet (not the ER I went to on Saturday night). He took x-rays and saw nothing but wanted to admit her again because she was acting very weak. As of 8:30 this morning they hadn't done the bloodwork yet, but she was feeling much better. She ate last night and hasn't vomited today. They took the IV out at about 9 this morning and I can pick her up any time after 4:00 unless there's something up with the blood work.

I hope she really is okay now. I'm going crazy thinking maybe it was something I did. This is the first dog I've had since I was a kid, so I'm a little out of touch with the pet world.

Keeping my fingers crossed it was just some sort of bug.

Thank you again. Of course, I'll be back if she's still not right.

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Be certain when you bring your puppers home that there is nothing she can get into, make certain there are no bottles of cleaner are stored on the floor anywhere, and if you use carpet and floor cleaner, do it when she is outside, letting her stay outside for a couple of hours to avoid the fumes. Keep her off the lawn *if you have one* especially after it has been treated with any chemicals. Your pup could have igested anything from a chemical to a bug. Properly administered as per directions, *a drop at the nape of the neck of your pup* your dog should not have been able to ingest it at all. Unless you made some horrible mistake and squirted the liquid inside her mouth. There are many anti - flea applications on the market right now, you may need to find another. Purchase good dog food - Natural Balance is good. Please post and let us know how your little one is doing....and of course what was wrong with your pup - if the vet could have figured it out. I hope your furbaby is okay and stays healthy

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Your pups problem brings up a very important issue that their humans don't know about, have forgotten, or simply refuse to adhere to. It is one I state many times (with varying degrees of success and failure) to clients that bring in a pup or older dog. That is:

Supervise your pup every second, with a leash, when not crated. If you cannot supervise one way or the other like you would an infant, crate the dog. Discipline can start to be instilled early on, make dog lay in a certain area with a yummy bone or Kong stuffed with frozen goodies when you are busy but can supervise. This really should be a must until the dog is at least 12 months old, OR starts to show maturity. Older dogs brought into the house should go through the same process, being weaned from the crate when positive behavior starts to take place. Exceptions are behavior issues such as separation anxiety, but if this is a problem, it needs to be properly addressed and corrected.

I can't tell you how many humans I have encountered with dogs and especially pups, who have allowed their creatures to run free without supervision, and the results have been not very pleasant. When you commit to the every second supervision until pup matures physically and mentally, you gradually are able to correct the dog in ways that are not overwhelming for all involved.

This is a major mistake lots of humans make, expecting and trying to do to much, to soon. This results in lots of confusion, and frustration for everyone involved.


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